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Every room in your home has a different purpose, which means that the best flooring options for each space will depend on a variety of factors. Some may prioritize comfort and style, while others demand durability above all. And it's quite likely that you'll find yourself searching for floors that can do both. Empire Today® offers hundreds of unique flooring ideas that will let you dial in the perfect combination of features for every area of your home.

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In most homes, the kitchen is the center of the action—and it needs floors that can keep up. Look for flooring options built to withstand heavy traffic, regular spills, and all the other hazards that can come with a life well-lived.

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Key features to consider for your bathroom floor are high levels of water resistance and mold and mildew resistance. Tile is the most popular of all flooring options for bathrooms, but vinyl plank and vinyl tile are also excellent choices.

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Whether you're planning a full-scale renovation or just want to add a splash of style and comfort to a semi-finished basement, we have plenty of flooring ideas for your project.

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Your bedroom is no ordinary room—it's a sanctuary whose environment should be designed to promote rest and relaxation. Consider a floor in calming colors, with features like hypoallergenic fibers that can help keep you breathing easily.

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The laundry room is one space where function often comes before form—but that doesn't have to be the case. Empire® offers a wealth of flooring options that help prioritize durability and ease of maintenance without sacrificing style.

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The typical dining room is both a visual showpiece and a functional entertainment space, and it deserves a floor that contributes to both of those objectives. Ideal flooring options for this special space will be elegant yet easy to keep clean.

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If you're looking for flooring ideas for a family room, look for products that create a safe, comfortable surface for kids and pets while still being easy to keep clean if playtime gets a little messy.

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Your home office should be a calm place, free from unnecessary distractions. Consider flooring options in neutral colors and products that prioritize comfort and quietness.


If you're planning on having new floors installed in multiple areas of your home, one thing to consider when exploring your flooring options for each room is the various points where the rooms meet each other or a connecting hallway. Typically, when two different types of flooring meet—say, if your hallway has wood floors but you plan to have carpet installed in the adjoining bedrooms—a flooring transition will be needed. Flooring transitions are usually a strip of brass, wood, or wood-look material that covers the seam between the two floors, protecting the edges of each product and improving the overall look of the space. While most seams will require a transition, some will not. Be sure to ask your flooring professional what they recommend for each situation.

Another consideration when shopping for multiple rooms is making sure the different types of floors don't clash, in order to achieve a cohesive design scheme throughout your home. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to match floors from room to room by selecting the same material or color of flooring for every room, of course! Contrasting colors or flooring materials can create an attractive aesthetic as well. But as you make a list of flooring ideas, it's a good idea to weigh them against each other and not just the existing design elements of your home. Not much of a design guru yourself? We're always happy to make style suggestions or point you in the direction of sources that can give you some design inspiration.

Another great way to help accomplish your design goals is by taking advantage of the Empire Floor Designer. While reading about flooring ideas can be helpful, we know that nothing beats being able to visualize each product in the space where it will be installed. Our Floor Designer lets you do just that. Simply upload a photo of your room and virtually try out any of the hundreds of flooring options available at Empire. It's a great way to see how the color and grain pattern of a hardwood floor might look alongside the wall colors in your bedroom, or if a particularly vibrant carpet might be too much for an otherwise subdued dining room. For additional inspiration with your flooring ideas, read about how to best match your wall colors to your wood floor colors.

Of course, choosing the best flooring for each room also goes beyond simple aesthetic considerations. There are countless details specific to each room that will influence your flooring options. Does the room have large south-facing windows? Consider choosing fade-resistant flooring, which will help keep your floors looking their best even after years of constant sun exposure. Will kids spend lots of time playing on the floors of your family room? Odor-neutralizing, hypoallergenic carpet will not only be a comfortable surface, but it can also help keep them breathing easier. A few of the many other things to think about are whether you want to reduce noise levels in an area of the home, what type of subfloor is under your existing flooring, and whether or not you expect a room to experience lots of spills. These are all topics that your flooring professional will be happy to discuss.

Deciding on the right flooring for your home can be a complicated process—but it doesn't need to be! Finding the best flooring option can start with a look through online product pages, but to really be certain you find the right product, you simply cannot beat seeing and feeling your top choices right where they'll be installed. And that's why Empire offers our in-home shopping experience. One of our flooring consultants will visit you in your home, bringing along hundreds of different flooring samples. This gives you the chance to get up close with the actual flooring products, seeing things that just can't be conveyed through photos on a website. This service costs you nothing and is completely free of any obligations. To schedule an appointment today, call us at 800-588-2300 or click any of the “Schedule In-Home Appointment” buttons you see throughout the site.