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flooring options for every room

Flooring Options By Room

Every room in your home has a different use, so it’s no surprise that the best floor for every room is also going to depend on many factors. Empire Today has hundreds of flooring options. Find flooring for a specific room below.

Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring requires more than a good eye. As one of the busiest rooms in the home, kitchens need ...
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Bathroom Flooring

Looking for ideas on what type of new flooring to use in your bathroom? Bathrooms require durable ...
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Basement Flooring

Basements present unique challenges and requirements when it comes to the type of carpet flooring ...
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Bedroom Flooring

Bedrooms are personal areas where comfort is the highest priority, so the best bedroom flooring ...
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Laundry Room Flooring

What are the best flooring options for a laundry room or mudroom? Laundry room flooring should ...
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Dining Room Flooring

Dining room flooring should not only endure most food and drink spills – it should look great doing so ...
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Family Room Flooring

The family room is one of the more important spaces in your home, so make sure you have family ...
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Office Flooring

Searching for office flooring that works as hard as you do? We have carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and ...
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Flooring Options By Need

It's not always the room that influences the flooring. Functionality plays a major role, as well. Find flooring for a specific need below.

Faux Wood Flooring

Get information about affordable faux wood flooring options that provide alternatives to Hardwood and ...
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Pet-Friendly Flooring

Find ideas for pet friendly flooring to keep your home looking great while reducing stress for pet owners ...
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Eco-Friendly Flooring

Whether you’re looking for carpet made from recycled plastic bottles or other eco-friendly flooring ...
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Kid-Friendly Flooring

Families or busy households need carpet, flooring and window treatments that are hard-wearing ...
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Durable Flooring

Durable flooring comes in many styles and options – whether you’re choosing carpet, hardwood, laminate ...
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Soft Flooring

For soft flooring, Empire Today offers a wide range of carpet and vinyl options to assist in your search for ...
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