The Best Bedroom Flooring Options

Bedrooms aren’t just rooms. They are your personal havens where you finish and start your day. That’s why it’s important they are detailed to fit your every need, from top to bottom. Flooring is a huge part of this, as it can make or break your décor. Read on to help you choose the best bedroom flooring so you can have the ideal design.

Comfort with Carpet

With its soft fibers and warmer feel, it’s not hard to see why carpet is the most popular choice for bedroom flooring. Just imagine your feet settling on a warm cushion when you get out of bed in the morning.

While carpet offers the benefit of comfort, it has gotten the reputation of adding a “dated” effect to a home’s décor. However, there are certain cuts and styles that can still add a modern appeal to your bedroom. Plush and pattern (cut and loop) carpets are the most on-trend thanks to their ultra-comfort and distinct designs.

Carpet can also be easy to clean and maintain, believe it or not. Many styles are equipped with enhanced stain and soil protection, making even pet accidents easy to clean. These styles are perfect if your pet will be spending many nights in your bedroom.

plush carpet in a modern bedroom

Pomona plush carpet from Empire Today

Hardwood’s Natural Beauty

For a warm, natural look that stands the test of time, hardwood is an ideal flooring choice for a bedroom. Made from real wood, solid and engineered hardwood floors are available in many species, such as oak, hickory, or maple, that can each add a special character to your floors.  Another great benefit of hardwood is it doesn’t trap dust, pollen, or other allergens! Enjoy less nights suffering from allergies when these floors are properly cleaned.

dark brown solid hardwood flooring in a bedroom

Chateau solid hardwood flooring from Empire Today

Laminate: Less Money, Less Maintenance

Laminate is a budget-friendly bedroom flooring option that offers realistic hardwood visuals for a fraction of the cost Laminate often closely mimics the textures, grains, and feel of real wood, but is easier to maintain.

Laminate floors are also available with 100% waterproof options. If you knock that glass of H20 off your nightstand, you won’t be having nightmares about damaged floors. Cleanup is fast and easy, avoiding permanent damage to the floors.

greige laminate wood flooring in a bedroom

Old Town laminate flooring from Empire Today

Versatility of Vinyl Flooring

Over the years, advancements in the manufacturing of vinyl flooring has led to increased durability and stunningly realistic wood-looks.  Vinyl plank, vinyl tile, and sheet vinyl are available in both wood and tile looks that are designed to go well with modern bedroom décor, and they all offer advantages that will make any homeowner happy. Vinyl plank offers some of the best durability compared to other flooring options, is easy to maintain, and looks just like real hardwood. While laminate can also give a budget-friendly hardwood design, vinyl plank offers additional durability and comfort, as is softer underfoot. But, if you want a stone or tile look for the bedroom, vinyl tile and sheet vinyl can help you achieve those looks while being warmer and softer than natural tile and stone.

wood look vinyl tile in a bedroom

Canal Pier vinyl tile flooring from Empire Today

100% waterproof vinyl plank in a bedroom

Barnsdale vinyl plank flooring from Empire Today

When it’s all said and done, you have to choose flooring that can fit your style and comfort needs. Are you more concerned about feeling warmth underfoot when you hop out of bed or are you going for a timeless aesthetic that can only be achieved by a wood look?

This is just the beginning of what you need to consider when learning the best bedroom flooring options for your home. Traffic volume, kids, pets, and how often you’ll be in your bedroom are all important factors that are specific to you and your household. For a more detailed rundown of flooring that fits your needs, have a flooring professional come to your home for a free consultation.

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