The Best Bedroom Flooring Options

Bedrooms are more than just “rooms.” Your home office is a room. But your bedroom is your personal haven, it’s the place where you begin and end every day, the place you want to fully at ease and in total comfort. That’s why it’s important they’re detailed to fit your every need, from how they look to how they feel. Your bedroom floors are a major factor in this, as they are both a significant decorative element and directly affect your comfort. Read on to help decide on the best bedroom flooring, so you can create the ideal in-home retreat.

Comfort with Bedroom Carpet

With its soft surface and welcoming warmth, it’s not hard to understand why carpet is the most popular choice for bedroom flooring. The last thing your feet will feel at the end of one day and the first thing they’ll feel at the start of the next should be surface that maximizes comfort.

While bedroom carpet offers the benefit of comfort, it has also, in recent years, earned the reputation of adding a “dated” effect to a home’s décor. While the coziness of carpet does often cause a sense of nostalgia, there are many cuts and styles of carpet that still have a decidedly modern flavor. Both plush and pattern (cut and loop) carpet offer the most on-trend marks, thanks to their neutral tones and distinct designs.

Believe it or not, bedroom carpet can also simplify cleaning and overall maintenance. Many modern carpet products are crafted with enhanced stain and soil protection, making it easy to take care of all sorts of messes—including pet accidents. These styles are perfect if your four-legged friends call your bedroom home too.

Hardwood’s Natural Beauty

With a warm, natural look that stands the test of time, hardwood is an ideal flooring choice for a bedroom. Made from real wood, solid and engineered hardwood floors are available in many species, such as oak, hickory, or maple, that can each add a special character to your floors. And the warmth goes beyond just aesthetics—walking across genuine wood in the middle of the night can be much more comfortable than many other hard surface floors.  Another great benefit of hardwood? It doesn’t trap dust, pollen, or other allergens, and it’s easy to clean those up when they do occur. Keeping the floors clean in your bedroom can help keep you breathing easier at night.

Laminate: Less Money, Less Maintenance

While genuine hardwood is great, it can be a bit pricey for some renovations. Wood laminate is a budget-friendly bedroom flooring option that provides realistic hardwood visuals at a much more attainable price point. Laminate flooring can also mimic the textures, grains, and feel of genuine wood—all in a product that’s easier to maintain than the real thing.

An added perk of laminate floors is that they are available in both water-resistant and 100% waterproof options. So if you accidentally knock that full glass of water off your nightstand, you won’t end up with nightmares about liquid-damaged floors. Cleaning up a spill is a simple and easy affair, avoiding permanent damage to the floors.

Versatility of Vinyl Flooring

Over the years, advancements in the manufacturing of vinyl flooring have led to increased durability and stunningly realistic wood and tile looks and textures. What used to be a last-resort choice is now one of the industry’s most popular products.  Vinyl plank, vinyl tile, and sheet vinyl are available in a vast range of styles, designed to complement everything from ultra-modern bedroom décor, to old-timey rustic looks. Plus, they all offer advantages that will make any homeowner happy: some of the best durability compared to other flooring options, easy maintenance, and an increase in underfoot comfort compared to real tile and many hardwood floors.

In the end, choosing the best bedroom flooring requires finding your ideal balance between comfort and style. Are you more interested in feeling warmth underfoot when you hop out of bed in the morning or are do you prioritize a modern design scheme? The good news is, you can often achieve both goals with the same floors!

This post only scratches the surface of what you should consider when trying to find the best bedroom flooring options for your home. Traffic volume, kids, pets, and how often you’ll be in your bedroom are all important factors that are specific to you and your household. For a more detailed rundown of flooring that fits your needs, contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate and a flooring professional will walk you through a wide range of options—all in the comfort of your own home.

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