Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tile

(Wall-to-Wall & Carpet Tiles)

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Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tile
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Commercial-grade carpet is designed to deliver high performance and style to any commercial environment, including offices, hospitality, retail, schools, churches, and other commercial applications.

Commercial Carpet & Carpet Tile Flooring

About Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tile (Wall-to-Wall & Carpet Tiles)

  • Available in wall-to-wall (broadloom) or carpet tile (modular or carpet squares) constructions
  • Designed to withstand a substantial amount of foot traffic
  • Traditional, modern, and neutral patterns provide a wide variety of different looks
  • Popular darker colors and patterns are more forgiving than solid colors
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Empire Today® Handles the Details

Empire® manages the timing, budget, and overall scope of your flooring project from start to finish so you don’t have to. We’ll even coordinate furniture moves, cubicle lifts, and more. We've sold more than 100,00 commercial flooring projects of all sizes across the country.

WHY CHOOSE Wall-to-Wall Commercial Carpet?

Superior Durability

Low profile and higher density construction make wall-to-wall carpet perform better in commercial settings.

Helps Reduce Noise

Wall-to-wall carpet naturally helps absorb sound and improves acoustics.

Great for Large Areas

One larger piece of carpet can cover more floor area and provide a tailored look throughout the space.

<b>EMPIRE TODAY</b> Does the Heavy Lifting

EMPIRE TODAY Does the Heavy Lifting

You have business to attend to and don’t have time to worry about preparing your spaces for flooring replacement. To prep your business’ space for installation, Installers will move furniture, which includes lifting heavy pieces such as cubicles, conference room tables, reception desks, and filing cabinets. You don’t have to hire a maintenance team to disassemble and reassemble your business’ furniture just to replace the floors.

Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tile | Discover the Advantage

What is Commercial Carpet?

Commercial carpet is typically more resilient than carpeting for your home. Due to the high amount of foot traffic, it needs to be extremely durable and stain resistant. Also, carpet will make for a quieter commercial space while also reducing the strain and impact of walking on a soft, as opposed to hard surface. Commercial carpet is available in wall-to-wall, also known as broadloom, or carpet tiles, or carpet squares, that can create bold patterns and designs.

Durable, Easy to Clean – Carpet Choices to Fit Any Commercial Use

Commercial carpet and carpet tiles come in many different kinds of patterns, colors, and textures, and will work for any commercial space, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, offices, schools, and many more.

Easy Process, Installation, and High-End Customer Service

Empire has sold more than 100,000 commercial carpet and flooring projects of all sizes across the country, for organizations in many different industries. Just as we do for our residential customers, we make it easy. A flooring professional will visit you at your business, at your convenience. We will bring all of our commercial carpet samples and discuss your requirements and business needs to help identify the best flooring solution for your space. The flooring professional will measure every area in which the new commercial carpet will be installed. A professional installation team will move furniture, cubicles, filing cabinets, etc. they will get rid of the old carpeting or flooring, and replace it with your new commercial carpet or carpet tiles.