Trust Empire Today® for Your Commercial Carpet Needs.

Having new carpet installed in your place of business is a great way to get a style upgrade while adding some extra comfort for your employees and visitors. And if your business sees heavy foot traffic, the best choice for the job is commercial-grade carpet. Commercial carpet from Empire® offers the flooring solution you need to stand up to the unique needs of public spaces.

Commercial Carpet is a Great Choice for Busy Spaces, From Offices to Auditoriums.

There are countless applications for commercial carpet, from church buildings to kindergarten classrooms, but they all share some common needs. They all tend to be high-traffic environments, so carpet needs to be built to last. Commercial low-pile carpet is constructed to resist matting and endure high amounts of wear over extended periods of time.

Most also offer enhanced stain protection, with some commercial carpet and carpet tiles covered by a lifetime stain warranty. Look for carpet with solution-dyed fibers, which help the carpet design stay vibrant through repeated wear and fading from carpet cleaners.

When we say that certain types of carpet can completely alter the atmosphere of your business, we mean that literally. That’s because carpet can affect the air quality of your space. Most commercial carpets offered by Empire have received the CRI™ Green Label Plus rating. This means that they’ve been certified as one of the flooring options that off-gasses minimal VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air.

In simple terms, these commercial carpets don’t contain harmful chemicals that will be released into the air as the carpets wear. Whether you’re shopping for hotel hallway carpet or carpet tile for the waiting room of a doctor’s office, this is a feature that will benefit all of your building’s occupants.

Get New Commercial Flooring Installed Without Interrupting Your Business.

Empire is committed to making the commercial carpet shopping experience a seamless, stress-free one. In addition to a deep selection of commercial flooring product options, we also offer installation options designed to minimize disruption to your business. Need new office carpet, but can’t allow renovations during business hours? We’re happy to install commercial carpeting after hours or over the weekend.