The Most Popular Kitchen Gadget in Every State: The 2019 Update

If you had to crunch the numbers, how many hours a week would you estimate you spend in your kitchen? Between meal prepping for the week, testing out the newest recipes from your favorite blogs, and starting the morning off with a hot cup of coffee, much of our daily lives take place in the kitchen. And what helps make all this kitchen magic happen? Our favorite kitchen gadgets!

Last year we took a look at the most searched kitchen gadgets and small appliances in every state and were surprised by what we found, so we wanted to see if and how each state’s preferences changed over the past year. Given how frequently items like the Instant Pot come in and out of popularity, we were curious to see what we’d find out. To get a look into what kitchen gadgets people have been loving this year, we used Google Shopping search interest data from 2019 to determine the most popular kitchen gadget in each state and nationwide.

After running the numbers, we were surprised to find quite a difference from last year’s results! In fact, nearly every state’s most searched kitchen gadget was different from last year. Read on to learn more about what we uncovered.

The Most Searched-For Kitchen Gadget in Every State

The most popular kitchen gadget in every state.

First, we looked at each state’s most searched-for kitchen gadget. We were surprised by what we found for some states and not-so-surprised by other top items.

On the not-so-surprising side of things, it’s no secret that the South is known for its love of fried foods. So, in true southern fashion, the deep fryer won the top spot as the most searched kitchen gadget in two southern states—Alabama and Louisiana. Along the same lines, Georgians clearly love their bacon, as we found them searching for a bacon press more than any other kitchen gadget.

Blenders of various types were a hot item this year, taking the top searched spot in a total of 12 states. This includes blenders of all types, from pastry blenders to the ever-popular and powerful Vitamix, which was the most searched kitchen gadget in Oregon.

And lastly, four states appear most interested in getting their morning caffeine fix. Various types of coffee and tea makers were the most searched kitchen gadget in Indiana, Iowa, Maine, and New Hampshire. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, they’re ready for happy hour in Missouri, where the cocktail shaker was the most searched kitchen item.

The Most Searched-For Kitchen Gadgets in the U.S.

The most searched for kitchen gadgets in the U.S.

Next, we used the state-to-state results to determine which kitchen gadgets were the most searched nationwide. Surprisingly, last year’s overall most searched gadget, the spiralizer, did not take the top searched spot in any states this year. We guess it’s safe to say the spiralizing trend is on its way out? Or maybe people have just had their fill of zoodles!

The top-searched item nationwide—the immersion blender—is a culinary classic, showing that despite trendy items coming in and out of popularity, cooks often come back to the gadgets they know and love best. And speaking of trendy gadgets, the Instant Pot, air fryer, and sous vide took the top-searched spot in just one state each: Wyoming, Vermont, and North Dakota, respectively.

The Most Searched-For Kitchen Gadgets for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The most searched-for kitchen gadgets for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring a seemingly endless number of deals on kitchen gadgets. As a result, these sale days are often a great excuse to take the plunge on that gadget or appliance you’ve been eyeing. With this in mind, we were curious to see what this year’s top-searched Black Friday and Cyber Monday kitchen gadgets were. We reviewed Google Shopping data over the peak shopping and deal weekend and found that the results were quite different from last year.

The Instant Pot was the most searched Black Friday kitchen gadget last year, but it didn’t even appear in this year’s top 10 most searched items! This year’s most searched items were a bacon press, a popcorn maker, a wok, a dehydrator, and an electric knife.

Well there you have it—the fully cooked results of this year’s kitchen gadget search data analysis. How does your state’s favorite gadget compare to your go-to in the kitchen? No matter what your kitchen gadgets of choice are, the holiday season is a great opportunity to spend some time in the kitchen with family and friends. We hope our analysis provides some ideas for your holiday wish list and gets you inspired to try out a new gadget or appliance!

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