Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Is Going Green Worth the Fuss?

“Go green,” “Save the Earth,” “Eco-friendly.” You’ve probably heard these terms a million times. With the discovered dangers of pollution and increased chatter about global warming, Americans are starting to focus on protecting the Earth and its environment. Whether it’s through recycling, composting, or hybrid cars, society is starting to find alternative ways to live that consider the condition of Mother Earth. As much as everyone likes to brag about being eco-friendly and promoting the lifestyle, there are still a large number of people who don’t know the true benefits or see a reason to switch up the way they live. Before you make the big switch, make sure you know why you’re doing it, what it means for your family, and how it affects the environment. Here are a few key points you should consider before you go green.

is the eco-friendly lifestyle worth the fuss


What Does It Mean to be Eco-Friendly?

Before we talk about making your home eco-friendly, you need to understand what it means. First, let’s discuss your carbon footprint. This determines how many greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide, you’ve put back into the environment. That can be affected by the car you drive and even the food you eat. Overall, going eco-friendly means reducing your carbon footprint and conserving resources, such as water and energy, by using products and/or practicing habits that keep the well-being of the environment in mind. How complicated can it get?

Going Green Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Being responsible for the well-being and future of an entire planet may seem like a daunting task. However, it can be really simple. You don’t have to dive into the eco-friendly lifestyle 100% or start habits that are extremely different from your current lifestyle. It all starts with the small things. If you have a recycling bin for your home, start collecting plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard. Instead of throwing your cereal box in the garbage can, opt for the blue or green bin.

You can also start by using energy-efficient LED light bulbs. They may cost a bit more than the average light bulb but it’s a simple way to start being eco-friendly and conserve energy without a major inconvenience.

Whether dealing with household bills or even just receiving your paystub, you’ve probably gotten the option to go paperless. Instead of ignoring it, say “Yes!”. Not only does going paperless means less clutter in your home, but it’s a great way to start preserving trees and the earth in general.

Going green can be simple. It’s all about finding the small and easy tasks that can make a big impact.

Eco-Friendly Benefits for Your Home

It’s a common misconception that people who go green must spend a ton of money, but, in all actuality, it can help you save money. Deciding to ride your bike or walk instead of drive means you won’t have to constantly pay for gas for your car or public transportation. It also means less maintenance payments you would typically pay for a car, such as oil changes and car washes. Energy-efficient lightbulbs may cost more than the average bulb, but they last longer and they help you save on your electric bills. That means you save money in the long run. Recycling is free, and in some areas, you can even take your recyclable items and receive money. If you’re choosing to go eco-friendly by conserving water, this means a lighter water bill for your household.

On top of saving money for your household, you get to teach your children how to be responsible and learn more about how much they affect the Earth. It even gives the family activities to do together. Setting environmental goals together and helping each other organize a plan is a great way to bond with your loved ones while making your carbon footprint smaller.

In the end, you also get a rewarding feeling from doing something to help preserve your planet. It may start with small things, but knowing you’re taking the steps to get cleaner air and, in the long run, a healthier lifestyle can be beneficial to your moral confidence.

HOME Fresh: An Eco-Friendly Carpet for the World Around You

An increasing trend in the green lifestyle is considering eco-friendly flooring. While people may focus on which wood look will be better for the environment, carpet can also be beneficial. Empire’s exclusive HOME Fresh carpet was built for the world around you. The world’s first and only hypoallergenic carpet with odor-neutralizing minerals, HOME Fresh not only benefits the environment in your home but the environment as a whole.


Constructed with 90% post-consumer recycled content, this carpet is made to help keep the planet cleaner. Its fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles! And when it is time to replace your carpet, you don’t have to worry about it affecting your carbon footprint because HOME Fresh is 100% recyclable!

In addition to being recyclable, this exclusive carpet doesn’t have latex or any Volatile Organic Compounds. Not only does this mean it’s odor free, but not having any harmful VOCs means cleaner air and a healthier household for your family and a less damaging effect on the environment.

In the end, changing your lifestyle to consider your planet doesn’t have to be hard. When you go green, remember, you can take it one step at a time. Start simple and ease your way into having an eco-friendly home. Not only, will you be helping save the planet, but it can have benefits for you and your family.

Your first step can be with HOME Fresh carpet’s Incomparable or One and Only styles, offered exclusively by Empire. Schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate now to start your eco-friendly lifestyle.

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