Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring Helps Charter School Receive a Higher Education

City/State: St. Paul, MN

Flooring Type: Commercial Vinyl Plank

Product/Color: Alleyway – Soft White, Indigo, Kiwi, Lucky Red, and Poppy

Rooms: Hallways, Foyers, Landings

This St. Paul, Minnesota charter school reached out to Empire Today when they were in need of new floors. The first phase of the project was “only” three hallways, foyers, and landings that totaled over 4,100 square feet.

Once our seasoned flooring professional saw the space, he knew what to do. Because these are high-traffic areas of the building, commercial vinyl plank was the perfect choice for durability. When the flooring professional saw the use of color on the walls throughout the building, he proposed the creative floor design you’ll see below using different colors to help create patterns, visual interest, and space definition. What’s even more impressive is these new floors were installed in only 2 days!

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