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Loop Carpeting

Loop Carpet Overview

Loops of fiber are tightly pulled together to form Loop Carpet from Empire Today®. This style is a great choice for practical performance and rooms that need a basic floor covering. Its low profile and higher density construction make Loop Carpet a better performer, but less cushiony underfoot. Learn more about our Loop Carpet.

Loop Carpet Considerations

Loop Carpet from Empire Today comes in five unique fibers that can be a welcome decorating addition for your home. These five Loop Carpeting fibers are:

  • Nylon: Nylon gives you a winning combination of easy care, durability and resilience. A popular fiber for Loop Carpet, nylon can be color-fast and topically treated for stain resistance. It can be solution dyed at high temperatures during the manufacturing process. In either case, it can resist staining and soiling.
  • Polyester: Polyester Loop Carpet is created from finer filaments to give it greater softness while remaining durable and economical. As an eco-friendly and affordable fiber option, polyester is a logical choice for tight-piled Loop Carpet. It can be produced from a variety of post-consumer products, including recycled soda bottles.
  • Olefin/Polypropylene: With its natural resistance to fading along the entire length of its fibers, olefin/polypropylene is great for Loop Carpet in bright rooms. Olefin Carpet can withstand traffic and sunlight without losing its vibrant color. With its superior color-fastness and stain-resistant polypropylene fibers, olefin/polypropylene is outstanding for Play Rooms, Family Rooms and anywhere else people gather. It holds up well in normal traffic and will remain brightlycolored in the face of the sun's powerful rays.
  • Triexta: Although it's new, triexta has already won devoted fans. The synthetic fiber is designed to repel water-based or dry soils, often needing little more than a damp cloth to clean it. Triexta endures traffic well, especially in a Loop Carpet. As a surprisingly supple fiber, triexta softens the short, tight piles of Loop Carpets and adds a touch of luxury to even the most casual rooms.
  • Wool: Natural wool fibers impart a luxurious feel to Loop Carpet options. Thanks to wool's long, usable lifespan, this resilient natural fiber will give your Loop Carpet outstanding longevity and comfort.
A layer of padding beneath your Loop Carpet cushions your footsteps, but it also provides support for the looped fibers and can extend the life of your Carpet. Padding also acts as another layer of insulation. Your Sales Representative can help you decide on the padding that's appropriate for your Loop Carpet

Carpet Care & Maintenance Tips

You can further prolong the life of your Loop Carpet by following a few simple maintenance tips.

  • Spot-clean spills as soon as they occur by using a damp rag to "blot" towards the center of the spill.
  • Vacuum your Loop Carpet as often as possible. This can help keep dirt and dust from settling near the base of its pile.
  • Have your Loop Carpet cleaned using a professional steam cleaner. This will preserve the Carpet’sits coloring and can help prevent soil from settling.
  • To minimize the amount of dirt that collects in the tight loops of your Loop Carpet, place floor mats at the entrances to your carpeted rooms.
  • Don't pull sprouts; trim them to match the height of nearby loops instead.

For more tips, visit our Carpet & Product Care area.

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Financing Available subject to credit approval. see financing details.
Financing Available subject to credit approval. see financing details.