A Casual Carpet for Everyday Life.

With people embracing more informal lifestyles, many homeowners are decorating for everyday life. And that often means choosing products and materials that emphasize practicality as much as aesthetics. Berber carpet is one such material—loved for its distinct handcrafted look while also offering durability and easy maintenance. With a knotty appearance that creates texture and warmth, Berber helps create a homey, inviting atmosphere. Berber carpet's casual style and resilience make it a popular carpet choice for almost any room in your home.

What is Berber Carpet?

Berber carpets consist of many small, thick loops of fiber, in contrast to fiber strands like many other types of carpet. This construction method is why Berber carpet is often referred to as loop carpet. Berber’s thick, heavy yarn can be built into different sizes of tufts, offering a variety of textural options. Another distinction with Berber carpet involves colors and patterns. Typically, a quality Berber carpet's colors include natural or light shades with flecks of darker colors dispersed throughout. When combined with the loop pile, this type of Berber carpet has a great, relaxed look to it.

Quality Berber Carpet, Made to Last

If you're looking for a carpet style that is highly durable and easy to clean, Berber carpet could be the perfect fit for your home. Berber's thick loops are more difficult for stains to penetrate, and the patterns typical among Berber carpet styles can help hide stains that do set in. These features make Berber carpet an excellent choice for rooms with heavy traffic or any room that is adjacent to your outdoor space. And with the premium quality of carpet and flooring from Empire Today®, you can rest easy knowing your Berber carpet will look as good as new for years to come.

Professional Berber Carpet Installation

As part of our mission to make getting beautiful new Berber carpet easy, when you work with Empire®, professional carpet installers will remove your old flooring material, ensure the new Berber carpet is professionally installed, and clean up afterward, leaving your room ready to be lived in. Empire’s award-winning customer service is always here for you, from helping answer questions while you’re in the early stages of buying new Berber carpet to helping you take care of it after it’s installed, ensuring your carpet always looks and feels its best.