Best Carpet for Cats

Pets aren’t just animals; they’re a part of the family. This means that every choice you make for your home should consider what’s best for them—including the floors. Even with all their scratching and “accidents,” maintaining carpet with your feline friend is possible. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best carpet for cats.

best carpet for cats

Cut Fibers

Finding the best carpet for cats begins with finding a carpet that cats can’t easily damage. If you own a cat, you know that scratching is one of their favorite hobbies. Their claws can pull and unravel looped carpet, causing your floor to look “purr”ty uneven. Instead, go with a carpet that has cut fibers; fibers that are cut at various angles instead of being kept looped. With cut fibers already being pulled, your cat has less of a chance to make the carpet look messy, extending its longevity. So instead of a Berber carpet, try a plush or frieze, such as Empire’s Match Play or Linwood.

High Density

The density of a carpet doesn’t just help its visual appeal, it also determines how much spills can seep into its fibers. As a pet owner, you may not catch every spill or accident your cat has on the carpet. The longer it sits in the carpet the deeper it drips. The denser a carpet is, the less chance it has of letting liquids soak deep into its backing, possibly damaging it in the long run. Aim for a high-density carpet to lower the risk of accidents ruining your flooring.

Carpet with Darker Colors

Because your kitty will most likely cause stains on your carpet, it is best to opt for a darker, or at least multi-color, carpet. This can help conceal those pesky, inevitable mishaps. Stains tend to be more visible on lighter colors, which can be an eyesore for you and your guests if not cleaned often and properly. It is possible to have a lighter carpet color if you own a cat, but having darker or multi-color can make maintenance and your life easier.

Polyester Fibers

An extremely popular fiber choice, polyester can make one of the best carpets for cats. Polyester carpet is made to lower the chance of wear and tear and can likely withstand your precious cat’s attention. On top of that, it also resists stains that are oil-based. If you’re looking for a durable carpet for cats, polyester is the way to go!

Pet-Protected Carpet

The best way to secure your floor’s look and longevity is to get carpet that is specifically made with your cat and their accidents in mind. Pet-protected carpet, such as Empire’s Sidekick, can help protect against pet urine. Equipped with PUP® Pet Urine Protection warranty, this carpet can ease your worries when your cat misses the litter box. On top of having a warranty to protect against urine, it has Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M to protect against ordinary spills seeping into the carpet. With an extra boost of protection, carpet like this can be ideal for you and your cat’s lifestyles.

Bottom line: you don’t have to avoid carpet just because you have a cat. Instead, choose a carpet style that will cater to their habits and needs while saving you some cleaning in the long run. Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate today to see a selection of carpet that would be ideal for your kitty. If you’re still convinced tile is the way to go, consider our porcelain tile flooring options!

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