Pattern Carpet Offers a Sleek, Sophisticated Look for Rooms That Require a Designer Touch.

Pattern carpet is a style of carpet that prioritizes an elegant appearance and easy-to-maintain construction. You’ll often see it referred to as “cut & loop” carpet, because of its unique construction method. As that name implies, it uses both cut fibers and looped fibers to create a carpet with varying pile heights, giving manufacturers the ability to build textural patterns into the carpet surface itself.

Many pattern carpets feature a single fiber color and instead use the fiber pattern to create visual interest. This makes pattern carpet a great choice for customers who are looking for a carpet with a uniform color, but who still want something that has a bit of character. The fiber patterns can be random or arranged in geometric designs, like repeating dots or stripes. Pattern carpet is often associated with a sophisticated, upscale design style.

Along with its Unique Visuals, Pattern Carpet’s Low Profile Makes it Easier to Maintain.

Although pattern carpet uses fibers of varying heights, it has an overall low profile. This contributes to pattern carpets being relatively easy to maintain. The low height and dense construction help keep dirt and spills from working between the fibers, simplifying cleanup. This also makes pattern carpet more resistant to the crushing and matting that can befall carpets with longer fibers.

The one major downside of its short height is that pattern carpet is not as cushy as a frieze or plush carpet, and, therefore, not quite as comfortable underfoot. If you’re shopping for new carpet for a room where comfort is going to be a priority, pattern carpet probably wouldn’t be your best choice.

This combination of sleek visuals and easy maintenance, combined with a surface that’s not quite as comfortable as other carpets, makes pattern carpet a popular choice for living and dining rooms, or other areas of the home where appearance is everything.