What You Should Know About Indoor-Outdoor Carpet

Published: June 28, 2017

Comfort should never be limited to the indoors. That’s where Indoor-Outdoor carpet enters the picture. While Indoor carpet tends to emphasize softness and style, Indoor-Outdoor carpet focuses on performance and versatility.


Pictured above: Courtyard

Your enclosed outdoor spaces are begging for something different for the next graduation party, backyard reunion, or casual BBQ night with the neighbors. Here’s what you should know about Indoor-Outdoor Carpet.


Mother Nature Approved

Indoor-Outdoor Carpet is built to sustain rough weather patterns, so you can enjoy the comfort of a versatile Carpet in your den, porch, or patio without things like rain or snow ruining your barefoot time. The secret ingredient? Synthetic fibers with ultra-violet resistance.


Fibers for the Elements

Available in loop and artificial turf styles, Indoor-Outdoor Carpet is well-suited to stand up to the elements. Olefin or polypropylene fibers provide fade resistance from sunlight without sacrificing sharp color patterns. Depending on the product, some olefin or polypropylene fibers are even resistant to chemical spills.


Padding Not Required

Another nice benefit to Indoor-Outdoor carpet? Padding is not required during installation, which helps provide some cost savings. If you’re planning to install it in an enclosed outdoor space, it’s recommended that you skip the padding entirely. However, padding can provide an additional layer of comfort in a basement or indoor workroom.


Down to Earth

You can really care about your Carpet, without having to constantly care for it. This Carpet loves hanging out in the porch or patio. If you’re concerned with keeping carpet looking fresh, clean spills quickly with manufacturer-recommended products, hire professional cleaners you trust every year, and utilize furniture coasters to minimize divots.

No Carpet is one-size-fits-all for every situation, but Indoor-Outdoor Carpet comes exceptionally close to that for enclosed outdoor spaces and basements. Strong fade resistance, synthetic fibers, and low maintenance requirements make it an easy choice for thousands of customers. We’ll bring the Carpet to your FREE In-Home Appointment – you bring the burgers!

See Courtyard, an excellent Indoor-Outdoor Carpet from Empire Today, on our new product page.

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