When you Want a Carpet That’s Both Comfortable and Easy to Maintain, Choose Frieze Carpet.

Frieze carpet from Empire Today® strikes the perfect balance between comfort, style, and practicality, offering high levels of each trait without sacrificing much. You’ll often see frieze referred to as twist carpet, in reference to how its fibers are constructed. Frieze carpet fibers feature a very distinct twist, which gives them a sort of curled, scruffy look. You can think of frieze carpet as the grownup, matured version of the shag carpets from years past.

The twisted fiber construction that gives frieze carpet its unique look is also responsible for its comfort and high level of practicality. These twisted fibers are highly durable and have some spring to them, which helps them resist matting and crushing. Combined with the shaggy surface, frieze carpet is less likely to show footprints, vacuum lines, or indentations from moved furniture—which are common nitpicks for homeowners with plush carpets. This feature makes frieze carpets an excellent choice for rooms where people tend to spend the most time. Additionally, frieze carpet’s uneven fibers and often speckled appearance help disguise minor stains and discolorations that are bound to happen in any busy room.

Frieze Carpet is Comfortable for All Members of Your Family—Including the Furry Ones.

Frieze’s taller fibers also make it a highly comfortable flooring option. Homes with cats or dogs will also be pleased to know that frieze carpet is generally considered a good choice for rooms where pets will be hanging out. Unlike carpets with closed loop fibers, frieze’s cut pile construction won’t snag pets’ claws, making it safer for them to walk on. And for an added benefit to homes with four-legged family members, several frieze carpets from Empire® are available with hypoallergenic and odor-neutralizing construction. When it comes to making your home comfortable for all, there are few better choices than frieze carpet.