Frieze Carpet

(Tightly Twisted Carpet)

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Frieze Carpet
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Frieze carpet is distinguished by its tightly twisted fibers that create a “shaggy”, informal, and casual look. Its busier, twisted surface appearance helps conceal foot prints and vacuum lines. Frieze carpets’ twisted fibers are also highly durable, helping resist crushing and matting, making it a top choice for the busiest rooms in your home.

Frieze Carpet Has Tightly-Twisted Fibers

About Frieze Carpet (Tightly Twisted Carpet)

  • Fibers are extremely twisted, to the point of curling or kinking
  • Very durable, tightly twisted fibers are resilient and more forgiving
  • Ideal for rooms where comfort is desired, including bedrooms and basements
  • Long fibers and flecks of color help conceal dirt and stains
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You Really Can Have It All

If you’re looking for a warm, relaxing carpet built for everyday life, consider frieze carpet. Frieze’s look is unique, yet clean and modern. Frieze carpet is usually softer to walk on and cozy enough to lounge on while watching television or playing board games due to its long and loose construction.

WHY CHOOSE Frieze Carpet?

Relaxed Style

Frieze carpets’ lush feel and unique look is perfect for family rooms and bedrooms. Popular in contemporary and casual homes, Frieze carpet adds dimension and texture to your home’s décor.

Helps Hide Footprints and Vacuum Marks

Frieze’s crimped fibers typically bounce back when walked on, and vacuum lines fade because the carpet has an uneven texture that naturally falls back and forth onto itself.

Hides Dirt Better

The surface texture is good at concealing dirt, even more so if you choose a barber pole or speckled colors. The long, loosely placed twists of fiber naturally flop over in a random pattern helping to conceal dirt.

<b>FRIEZE CARPET</b> and Pets


Finally, carpet and pets can go together! Pet owners often find themselves choosing between a home

Frieze Carpet | Discover the Advantage

What is Frieze Carpet?

Frieze carpet is a type of carpet that consists of tightly twisted, long fiber strands, giving it a “shaggy” look. Many people compare today’s modern frieze carpet to the look of shag carpet from the 1970s, however frieze is different than the shag carpet of the past because the fiber strands used in frieze are thinner, giving it a look that isn’t as dense as shag carpet.

Very Durable and Looks Clean

Due to the length of the strands and fibers, crumbs and other things that make most other types of carpet look dirty are harder to see through the dense, floppy appearance of frieze.

Empire Makes Getting Beautiful New Frieze Carpet Easy

Empire has installed quality frieze carpet for customers with different home decors and styles. For more than 60 years, our mission has been to make the carpet buying process easy. A flooring professional will visit you at your home, at your convenience, and bring frieze carpet samples. This allows you to look at your new frieze carpet choices in your own home, under your unique lighting. The flooring professional will measure all rooms and areas it will be installed, and you can schedule installation at your convenience. A professional installation team will move any furniture, get rid of any old carpeting or flooring, and replace it with your new frieze carpeting.