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Berber Carpet
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Shop for berber (loop) carpet from Empire Today! Berber carpet's casual style and durability make it a popular carpet choice for almost any room in your home.

Berber Carpet Has A Low Profile Loop.

About Berber Carpet (Loop Carpet)

  • Considered one of the most durable carpets because of its tight weave and dense, low pile of fibers
  • Spills tend to sit on the surface instead of soaking into the fibers
  • Texture mimics the look of natural fibers, like wool, seagrass, sisal, or jute
  • May have flecks of color, but generally neutral in style allowing it to complement many different home décors
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Your House Needs a Casual Look

With people enjoying more informal lifestyles, many homeowners are decorating for everyday life. Berber carpet is loved for its distinct handcrafted look. If you want to create a homey, comfortable lifestyle, Berber’s knotty look creates texture and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

WHY CHOOSE Berber Carpet?

Highly Durable

Berber can stand up to busy household foot-traffic because of its tight, thick loops that are denser than other carpet types.

Easy to Clean

Dirt and spills have a harder time penetrating Berber carpets knotty-textured surface, making it easier to clean. Many Berber carpets have speckled pattern, which helps hide stains and dirt.

Casual Style

Because of Berber’s informal look, it works well in nearly any room in the home, especially bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and basements.

<b>BERBER CARPET</b> and Pets


If you’re thinking about Berber carpet and have a cat or dog, there is one think you need to be mindful of – its loops may get snagged by their nails. We recommend keeping your pet’s nails trimmed so they don’t cause snags. While it does take a lot to unravel a loop, if your pet’s nails are long or they scratch at the carpet, you might want to consider another type of carpet, like plush, frieze, or HOME Fresh.

Berber Carpet | Discover the Advantage

What is Berber Carpet?

Berber carpet is unique! It consists of many small, thick loops instead of strands like many other types of carpet. Berber has thick, heavy yarn that is built into different sizes of tufts. It’s also known as loop pile carpet during construction. Another distinction with Berber carpet involves colors. Typically, a quality Berber carpet has natural or light colors with flecks of darker colors dispersed throughout. When combined with the loop pile, this type of Berber carpet has a great, casual look to it.

Quality Berber Carpet Made to Last

If you're looking for a carpet style that is highly durable and easy to clean, Berber (Loop) carpet could be the perfect fit for your home! Berber's thick loops are more difficult for stains to penetrate, and the patterns typical among Berber carpet styles can help hide stains and dirt. These features make Berber carpet an excellent choice for rooms with heavy traffic or any room that is adjacent to your outdoor space. And with the premium quality of Empire Today carpet and flooring, you can rest easy knowing your Berber carpet will look as good as new for years to come!

Professional Berber Carpet Installation

As part of our mission to make getting beautiful new Berber carpet easy, when you work with Empire Flooring, your professional carpet installers will move all necessary furniture, remove your floors, ensure the new Berber is professionally installed, clean up and move back your furniture. After the installation is complete, your install crew will walk you through your rooms to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Empire provides great service and support for the Berber (Loop) carpet products we offer and our award-winning customer service team will be with you every step of the way, before, during, and after installation.