Hook Up

Hook Up

SSP® Shaw Soil Protection – check. 100% Eco Solution Q® – check. EcoWorx® fiberglass backing – check. Easy maintenance – checkmate. Hook Up commercial carpet tile not only looks elegant (up to six graphic loop patterns), it holds up extremely well under heavy commercial foot traffic. Dirt and soiling penetrating into the fibers is less likely, as is color fading. Hook Up also has consistent dimensional stability for additional durability and ergonomics. Look no further than Hook Up commercial carpet tile if you prefer a vibrant and practical flooring solution.

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Elegant, Easy-to-Clean Commercial Carpet Tile

Hook Up Charged Carpet
  • Commercial carpet tiles can be replaced one-by-one if damaged
  • SSP® Shaw Soil Protection helps keep stains and dirt from soaking into the carpet for quick cleaning
  • 100% Eco Solution Q® SD nylon is less likely to experience color fading
  • Backed by EcoWorx® fiberglass reinforcement for excellent dimensional stability
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