Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring: Beauty and Brawn for Your Business

Commercial vinyl plank flooring is one of the best flooring options for a space that will encounter lots of foot traffic and needs to look great while doing so. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or redoing an open-concept office, you know that appearances matter. A hardwood floor can elevate the look of those spaces, but the high traffic they encounter would soon take its toll. Commercial vinyl flooring offers the best of both worlds—a durable surface with the look of a fine hardwood floor.

Why Choose Commercial Vinyl Plank Floors Over a Consumer Product?

Traditional vinyl plank (often called luxury vinyl plank) gets its name from its form factor. Unlike sheet vinyl, this type of flooring is constructed in planks that mimic the look of wood flooring. Thanks to the photorealistic wood image on every piece, vinyl plank flooring looks just like a real piece of hardwood flooring. What takes a high-quality commercial-grade vinyl floor to the next level is its extra-durable construction. Commercial vinyl plank flooring is generally built thicker overall than residential vinyl flooring, helping mitigate against warping or buckling in high-traffic areas. It’s also covered by a heavy-duty wear layer which protects against typical scuffs and scratches. And you’ll still get all of the other benefits of vinyl plank flooring, like water resistance and a surface that’s easy to maintain. If you’re shopping for a restaurant or other establishment where floors might get wet, look for commercial vinyl plank flooring with a slip-resistant surface.

Commercial Vinyl Plank Installation Based on Your Schedule

When you choose Empire Today® for your commercial vinyl flooring, you’re getting a comprehensive service that minimizes hassles so you can focus on running your business. We’ll bring the samples directly to you, so you can choose new flooring without needing to visit a showroom, and a flooring professional will help pick the best vinyl flooring for your particular needs. And we know that most commercial spaces can’t just close up for a few days to get new floors installed. That’s why we offer professional installation on weekends or after business hours, minimizing disruption to your business and its customers.