Tundra Stone

Tundra Stone

Form meets function in a versatile ceramic tile

Color Plateau
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A sensible, stylish ceramic tile for the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond

Today’s homes deserve floors that can not only stand up to the rigors of modern life but also keep pace with changing design trends. Tundra Stone exists at the intersection of form and function, providing a durable surface in a selection of fashionable shades that will easily integrate into a wide range of home décors. Measuring a 7 on the MOHS scale, and with a PEI rating of 4, Tundra Stone offers impressive resistance against scratches and stains. Plus, ceramic tile’s inherent water resistance makes it an easy-to-clean surface. Tundra Stone is available in three neutral tones that can fit into almost any aesthetic. Subtle marble veining on each tile and slight to moderate shade variations within each batch of Tundra Stone will help add flair to your floors—without becoming an overwhelming focal point. This balance makes it a perfect choice for rooms that you love today but may want to restyle a few years down the line.

Tundra Stone Plateau Tile
  • Offers impressive levels of stain and scratch resistance
  • Easy to maintain: most messes can be swept or mopped away
  • Sensible neutral tones work well with a range of interior design styles
  • Available matching mosaic and bullnose tiles increase installation options, including on stairs
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