Timber Falls

Timber Falls

A wood look that’s the best of both worlds

Color Bourbon
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Hardwood Visuals with the Durability of Porcelain Tile

Gone are the days of wood looks requiring heavy maintenance! Timber Falls porcelain tile isn’t just for the bathroom or kitchen, but its natural wood looks make it perfect for living rooms and even the bedroom. With stain and spill resistance, you don’t have to stress common household spills. Worried about color fading? Timber Falls has fade resistance to help prevent discoloration due to sunlight, so you can enjoy sunny days without your floors being easily ruined. With high durability, easy cleaning, and genuine hardwood aesthetics, this porcelain tile has a quality that’s hard to compare.

Timber Falls Bourbon Tile
  • Slip resistance for a safer environment
  • Fade resistance to prevent color fading from sunlight
  • Durability fit for heavy traffic
  • Water resistance for a natural wood look in any room
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