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Empire Today® Makes
Flooring Replacement easy!


Turn Units Faster


Get the Products You Want


Avoid the Hassle of Managing Project Details with a Dedicated Single Point of Contact

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?
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Turn Your Units Faster, Generate More Revenue

Flooring replacement can take your units out of commission, which means they aren’t generating revenue. Empire® makes it easier for you to get units ready to rent faster, helping improve your bottom line.

Empire® can replace flooring with durable residential and commercial-grade products, as quickly as Next Day.

Durable Carpet & Flooring for Residential Property Managers

Receive an All-Inclusive Price, with No Surprises

Take the guesswork out of your budgeting process and make better budget decisions throughout the year. For every project, Empire gives you an all-inclusive price that includes the cost of:

  • Carpet and flooring
  • Professional installation
  • Padding and materials
  • Take-up and haul away
  • Clean up
  • Dedicated single point of contact to help handle all the project details

How Next Day Installation Turns
into a Long-Term Flooring Solution

Minimizing downtime in between tenants is critical to your business. See how one property management company easily turns units in as little as 2 days after they made a change in flooring vendors. Read the Case Study >

Empire® Offers a Superior Solution to Your
Flooring Replacement Needs

Get new floors installed as quickly as Next Day on in-stock options.

Speed &

Turn units faster by getting new floors installed as quickly as Next Day on in-stock options.

Make smart budget choices.

Value &

Make smart budget choices with one all-inclusive competitive price for your flooring project.

Make smart budget choices.


Avoid the hassle of coordinating your flooring project details. We can handle it - from product selection to installation.

Make smart budget choices.


Choose from hundreds of options of durable residential and commercial-grade flooring that will make your units look great.