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Plush & Texture

Plush & Texture Overview

This cut-pile Carpet is known for its traditional and luxurious look. Plush & Texture Carpet features a smooth, level surface that provides the ideal blend of soft comfort and traditional style. Its distinguished cut pile surface shows subtle highlights and tones of color. A great “whole house Carpet” by design, the universal style and versatility of Plush & Texture can complement every area of your home. We offer a wide selection of Plush & Texture Carpets. Learn more about Plush Carpet.

Plush & Texture Considerations

Plush & Texture Carpets offer a dense, luxuriously soft Flooring option. Plush & Texture Carpets are cut-pile Carpet, meaning their fibers are sheared evenly, providing a smoother surface. These Carpets are commonly referred to as “whole house Carpets” because they are extremely versatile in style and work great in all types of spaces – from cottage to transitional.

  • Nylon: Nylon's durability makes it a natural fit for Plush & Texture Carpet high-traffic areas because it responds well to gentle cleaning. Because nylon fibers resist crushing well, they are an excellent choice for Plush & Texture Carpet, allowing the Carpet to maintain its soft, smooth surface.
  • Polyester: With a springy feel that is well suited to the construction of your Plush & Texture Carpet, you may never know eco-friendly Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) polyester fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles. The same PET plastic that is used to make water and pop bottles can be made into gossamer-fine fibers that are then looped and cut into Plush & Texture Carpet.
  • Olefin/Polypropylene: Thanks to a solution dying process that colors fibers before they are fully formed, olefin/polypropylene fibers hold their colors exceptionally well. When you need a Plush & Texture Carpet that offers superior fade and stain resistance, look to olefin/polypropylene. This innovative fabric resists fading in sunny rooms and hallways.
  • Triexta: One of the newest fibers on the market, triexta's special properties help enable it to resist crushing, clean easily and resist soil -- particularly water-based stains. With a natural springiness to it, triexta also holds up well in rooms that see frequent use. It can also keep your Plush & Texture Carpet's pile soft in the face of repeated traffic.
  • Wool: Natural wool Carpet in a smooth, plush texture is the ultimate in luxury. With wool's long natural lifespan, you can feel confident in your Carpet's ability to shine for years to come. The natural shape of the fibers makes wool resistant to crushing or flattening, and its durability is legendary.

Plush & Texture Carpet like most Carpets, benefits from a layer of padding beneath its backing. Padding can even limit the echoes created by frequent footsteps in high-traffic areas. Your Sales Representative will discuss padding needs with you and determine your best choice for comfort, noise reduction and warmth.

Carpet Care & Maintenance Tips

By adhering to these maintenance tips for your Plush & Texture Carpet you will be able to care for your Carpet properly:

  • To clean individual spills, use a damp paper towel and blot towards the center of the spot. Plush & Texture Carpet has smooth, blunt ends instead of loops, so it can release particles of soil easily. However, it still needs frequent vacuuming to look its best. Daily vacuuming is a good idea, and you should plan to vacuum often in households with kids or pets.
  • At least once per year, steam-clean your Plush & Texture Carpet with a professional cleaning service.
  • Rotate the furniture in carpeted rooms periodically to help avoid permanent pile crushing on longer-piled Plush & Texture Carpets.
  • If your Plush & Texture Carpet snags on a sharp object, it may pull into a sprout, a tuft that stands above the surface of the Carpet. Clip any sprouts that occur to the level of the Carpet surface to prevent damage to the underlying weave.

For more tips, visit our Carpet Product Care area.

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Financing Available subject to credit approval. see financing details.