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The Quietest and Warmest Wood Flooring

Since wood flooring has been in homes, its been expected to hear the clicks and clacks when walking on them. Drop those noisy expectations with Deerfield, a collection from our WhisperHOME series. Thanks to its unique installation technology, it’s virtually soundproof so you can have a quieter home and a peace of mind. This one-of-a-kind technology is also what gives a better airflow to make this engineered hardwood feel warmer underfoot. But what about the inevitable spills and heavy traffic from your busy household? Deerfield has the best finish in the industry, making it extremely stain resistant and even more scratch resistant than vinyl plank, so you won’t have to stress maintenance. It also contains ceramic compounds that meet the extreme demands of the NASA space program. Plus, this wood flooring contains no VOCs, meaning you won’t only get flooring that’s great for your home but one that’s also smart for the environment.

Deerfield Kenton Hardwood
  • Virtually soundproof to walk on, helping to keep your home quiet
  • Extremely durable top coat features the highest wear resistance of any flooring product ever developed
  • Improved airflow below the planks makes it feel warmer underfoot
  • No VOCs: Formaldehyde free and 100% CARB compliance
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