Soft, twisted fibers with style and functionality.

Color Early Dawn
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Easy to Clean, Easy to Live On

Frieze carpet is cozy to walk on, but don’t assume that means it can’t handle regular foot traffic or the occasional spill. Sidekick carpet lives up to its namesake – this carpet is a great partner for active families and pet owners alike. With Scotchgard™ Protector 3M applied to the surface, spills are much less stressful. The same goes for pet urine accidents. Sidekick utilizes PUP® Pet Urine Protection to make cleaning pet urine on carpet easier. Topping it all off, Sidekicks’s twisting fibers are continuous throughout, which means shedding, pilling, and fuzzing are unlikely. Sidekick frieze is a soft, low-maintenance floor you can easily enjoy life on.

Sidekick Early Dawn Carpet
  • Scotchgard™ Protector 3M helps protect carpet fibers from stains and soiling
  • PUP®Pet Urine Protection helps protect carpet fibers from stains due to pet urine
  • With continuous filament construction, enjoy virtually no shedding, pilling, or fuzzing
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