Plush Carpet

(Texture Carpet)

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Plush Carpet
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Plush carpet is the most classic carpet type due to its timeless look. We offer a variety of textured plush carpet options, explore our styles today!

Carpet With A Smooth Level Surface

About Plush Carpet (Texture Carpet)

  • Traditional cut-pile carpet with straight, even length fibers provides a soft, luxurious surface
  • Densely-packed carpet fibers create a uniform look
  • One of the most comfortable carpets to walk on and lie on
  • Sometimes referred to as velvet or Saxony carpet
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A Time-Honored Favorite

Plush carpets’ style has staying power. If you want your home to have a timeless look, one that is as relevant today and will be tomorrow, you’ll want to choose plush carpet. Its everlasting design is also functional and durable, spills may stay on top of the dense carpet surface longer, making cleanup easier.

WHY CHOOSE Plush Carpet?

Timeless Look

Plush carpet creates a uniform, velvet-like surface that is a great neutral component to any room in the home.

Durable and Easy to Clean

The dense nature of the tightly twisted fibers help makes plush carpeting easier to clean. Some plush carpet styles are available with enhanced stain and soil protection for even greater durability.

Comfortable and Soft

Densely packed cut-pile carpet fibers create a lush, cushion-like surface to walk or lounge on. The tightly twisted fibers stand upright and are evenly cut at the top creating a surface that feels soft to the touch.

<b>PLUSH CARPET</b> and Pets


Finally, carpet and pets can go together! Pet owners often find themselves choosing between a home that’s decorated for comfort and one that can withstand the wear and tear of pet’s nails. One of the main reasons people choose plush carpet is because there are no loops that might snag. Accidents do happen, so choosing a plush carpet with additional stain and soil resistance, like PUP® Pet Urine Protection, helps round out this all-around pet-friendly carpet.

Plush Carpet | Discover the Advantage

What is Plush Carpet?

Plush carpet piles are cut to a uniform height, producing a smooth and sleek look. Closely tufted strands provide a soft feel and velvety appearance and elegant look. Textured plush carpeting is also durable and aesthetically pleasing, with a smooth richness that works well in both traditional and formal areas.

Quality Carpet Constructed to Last

Plush carpet is a great choice for any room that doesn’t have as much foot traffic as other areas within the home. It provides a distinctive, warm look to fit any style or design. Choosing the right carpet is an important decision for your homes’ interior design and Empire can help you choose the perfect plush carpet option that will complete any room. Whether you need new carpet installation or a full carpet replacement, our experienced professionals will schedule your installation around your schedule!

Hassle-Free Process, Installation, and Customer Service

Empire has installed quality plush carpet for many different interior designs and styles. For more than six decades, our mission has been to make the carpet buying process easy. A flooring professional will visit you at your home, at your convenience, and bring plush carpet samples. This allows you to look at your new plush carpet options in your own home, with your unique décor. The flooring professional will measure the rooms and areas for installation and can schedule your installation during the same appointment. The professional installation team will move your furniture, get rid of your old carpeting, replace it with your new plush carpet, clean up, and move everything back.