How Eco-Friendly Flooring Can Reduce Your Environmental Impact

With Earth Month underway, many of us have turned a more critical eye toward the impact of our lifestyle choices on the environment. Everything from the cars we drive to the groceries we buy can have an effect on the earth. For homeowners, one time to weigh choices that can have a significant environmental impact is when selecting materials for a major renovation. Opting for eco-friendly flooring is one major way that you can minimize your project’s impact on the earth while still enjoying comfortable, stylish new floors.

The good news is that these days there are quite a few eco-friendly flooring options, including products like bamboo wood floors, which are made from a fast-growing, easily renewable natural resource. Ceramic and porcelain tile also get high marks for eco-friendliness because they’re long-lasting flooring products that are made from a plentiful raw material. But what about homeowners who want something a little softer? The common soft surface options, like synthetic fiber carpets, would seem to be among the worst choices. But believe it or not, carpet can be one of the most eco-friendly flooring options that you can choose. Read on to learn more about the eco-friendly carpet options available from Empire Today®.

It’s true that most of the carpet on the market today is made from synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester, which are petroleum-based products. And on the surface, that would seem to make them one of the worst choices when it comes to the environment. But what many consumers don’t realize is that a growing number of those new carpets are actually made from recycled materials. Some carpets are made with small amount of recycled material blended into their existing manufacturing stream, while the most eco-friendly carpets may use up to 100% recycled consumer products.

Eco-friendly carpet: the comfortable, Earth-conscious choice

Empire® is proud to carry a selection of carpets crafted using a proprietary manufacturing method called the Continuum™ Process. This process takes discarded plastic bottles, transforms them back into a raw material that is purified and formed into soft fibers. Those fibers can then be woven into gorgeous, comfortable carpets that are indistinguishable from carpets made from raw polyester or nylon stock.

crushed plastic water bottles which can become the raw material for eco-friendly carpet
These plastic water bottles may end up the primary material used to create your eco-friendly carpet.

According to, Americans buy around 50 billion plastic bottles of water a year. The Continuum process prevents some 3 billion of those bottles from ending up in our oceans or landfills every year, and turns them into a useful product for your home. Each square yard of carpet made this way contains the plastic of about 63 recycled bottles. This manufacturing process itself also uses less energy than the act of making the fibers from scratch, leading to additional environmental benefits.

 And the Continuum process has fringe benefits that are more immediate to homeowners. Carpet made with Continuum fibers are often more durable and easier to maintain that traditional synthetic carpets. In fact, some of these carpets include limited lifetime warranties against staining.

Empire’s selection of eco-friendly carpet spans a wide range of colors and styles, offering options that will match nearly any interior design scheme. With a look, feel, and durability that matches traditionally made products, you’ll get everything you love about new carpet—all while helping do something good for the earth. Contact us today to speak to a flooring professional about our eco-friendly carpet or any of the other green flooring products we offer.

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