The Beginner’s Guide to Pet-Friendly Carpet

Updated: April 12th, 2024


We love our pets, but the mental image of claws digging into new carpet or urine leaving a permanent trail through the living room is enough to skip carpet altogether.

Thanks to technological advances in carpet manufacturing in the last decade, the latest carpeting products can actually help withstand some serious dog and cat abuse love.

While Empire Today® offers several styles of hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring options that would make a great choice for a pet friendly home, this guide is for folks who like their floor a little on the softer side.

Without too much fluff, we bring you the Beginner’s Guide to Pet Friendly Carpet.

pet friendly carpet

Step One: Don’t Sacrifice Style in Fear of Stains!

Your search for pet friendly carpet is all about stain resistance and durability, but that should not exclude style! Stylish looks for your home include a trendy frieze, comfortable plush, or cut-pile pattern. The main thing these styles have in common: no loops for cats or dogs to claw onto, durability, and easy maintenance.

Branded stain protections such as Scotchgard™ 3M, R2X® Protection, and Stainmaster® make it more difficult for pets to leave permanent stains, odors, and soiling. PUP®, another product offering by Empire, helps reduce the impact of dog and cat accidents. Padding with a scrim layer is important as well – moisture from spills is less likely to reach your subfloor and cause permanent damage. Look for these stain and odor resistance logos on sample boards when shopping for pet friendly Carpet at Empire. If shopping at home, your sales rep can point these logos out as well.

Step Two: Comfort is King

Whether you’re a cat or dog lover, focus on the reason carpet is so popular in homes – comfort. Your pets will spend just as much time as you in carpeted areas, so pick the fiber you like the most and look for a face weight of at least 30 ounces if you like things to feel even softer. Nylon or polyester make great choices.

Nylon will generally cost more and have a little more durability, while polyester is known for its impressive resistance to staining. Our advice? Pick what you like that is within your budget. You’re probably going to be cleaning up after your pet regardless.

Step Three: Be Prepared

There’s a very strong likelihood your dog will make a muddy dash through the living room, and cats can have a tendency to “forget” where the litter box is once in a while. Once you choose carpet, you will need a steady supply of cleaning supplies on hand. Essentials include a vacuum, baking soda, white vinegar, a clean white sponge or towel, and warm water. These are on-hand, non-toxic materials that make it easy to be prepared for any unexpected pet mess.

The Bottom Line

Pets require extra cleaning no matter what flooring you choose. Choose carpeting that looks good, feels comfortable for you and your pet, and expect to clean it regularly. That’s it! If you’re still leaning toward hard flooring options, be sure to view our pet friendly flooring guide to see other choices.

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