How to Choose the Right Flooring Plank Size for Your Home

Published: March 18, 2019

Wood look flooring comes in so many styles, so it can be hard to know where to start. After all, the color, finish, and, of course, flooring plank size all set the tone for your room. Since Empire Today’s® mission is to make getting beautiful new floors easy, we want to help you know how to choose the right plank size to perfectly complement your home design.

choosig flooring plank size

Size Up Your Room

When updating your home, it’s important to design each room with its measurements in mind. While small rooms look best with a minimalist design, bigger spaces can allow you to add more décor without appearing overcrowded. Think of this when considering your flooring. Narrow planks have more lines, making the floor appear busy. While they can be a fun and stylish choice for big rooms, they may not be so great for smaller ones. Instead, for smaller rooms consider wider planks. The room will have fewer lines and, therefore, provide a cleaner look, helping a small space to appear bigger. This doesn’t mean aim for the widest planks you can find. If they are too wide they can contrast with the room and become overwhelming.

Consider the Grain

What makes wood looks so special is that each style has a unique grain. These grains can make the overall design of your room and home. They’re even a factor when choosing your flooring plank size. Because wide planks mean a larger surface, they can be ideal for wood with knots and unique characters. Narrow planks, on the other hand, are better for a more refined aesthetic and a smoother surface.

You Don’t Have to Limit Yourself

While choosing one width may seem like the best route, just know that you don’t have to limit yourself. It’s your home, feel free to explore looks outside the décor box! Not only can you change up flooring plank size on a room-by-room basis, but you can also use various sizes within one room. Empire® offers styles of wood look flooring, like Country Bungalow, that has varying flooring plank sizes! This can give it a more unique and organic character. Just be sure to consider your existing décor before deciding on this option.

Remember: Your Home, Your Choice

Your wood look flooring is a long-term investment, especially hardwood, and you want to make sure it leaves you completely satisfied. After considering all the important factors for picking your flooring plank size, the final decision lies in your style and preference. Are you going for the latest trends? Do you prefer your space to be modern or more traditional? Decisions like these can make all the difference in whether you choose wide or narrow planks.

No matter what style or plank size you choose, Empire Today has an array of wood-look choices that are likely to satisfy your flooring needs and a flooring professional will come to your home and help guide you into choosing the perfect flooring. Schedule an In-Home Estimate today.

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