How to Find the Best Carpet for Your Home

Published: October 18, 2017

So, you’ve finally decided to get new carpet and couldn’t be more excited! You’re already imagining your updated floors and can’t wait to sink your feet its comfy softness. But wait … have you considered what type of carpet is the best carpet for your home?

best carpet for your home

We’re sure you’ve heard of plush, frieze, and Berber, but do you know what the differences are and when to choose them? Here’s how to find the carpet that fits your style and your family’s needs.

Plush Carpet

Plush carpet is distinguished by its straight-line fibers. Its classic structure gives a traditional look while offering a smooth, level surface. This allows for colors to be easily seen. Plush carpet also tends to have a high density, adding more comfort and less chances of liquids seeping deep into its fibers. This is great for high-traffic areas and rooms where the family will be spending a lot of time.


Frieze Carpet

Popular for its shaggy fibers, frieze carpet can give your floors a casual, contemporary aesthetic. Its dense fibers with flecks of color can also help hide the inevitable dirt and crumbs your floor will face. If you’re looking for a comfortable, yet casual flooring, this may be the best carpet for your home.


Pattern Carpet

Made from a combination of cut and looped fibers, pattern carpet is created with ribbed, linear, or even geometric patterns. It is great for those who want to step outside of the box and let their floor make an upgraded, stylish statement. You can go subtle with a tree bark pattern, or a little riskier with a geometric pattern. Either way, cut loop carpet is a great way to make your floors stand out.


Berber Carpet

Berber carpet has a look consisting of thick loops of yarn with flecks of color and a hearty feel. This carpet has a more casual look, and its looped construction makes it ideal for high-traffic areas. Its looped fibers also mean that spills are more likely to stay on the surface, making for an easier cleaning process. A simple yet alluring carpet, Berber is great for those who are looking for durability and easy maintenance.


We can explain to you the different types of carpet and what they offer, but seeing them for yourself in the context of your home is always the best option. Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate today and a flooring professional will show you samples and help you determine the best carpet for your home.

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