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Bathroom Flooring

Bathrooms require durable, easy-to-clean Flooring that can handle daily traffic. The most important factor to consider when choosing a Bathroom floor is exposure to moisture. It’s also important to consider who will use the Bathroom and how much traffic it will receive. Is this your family's primary bath shared with children? Is the space a guest Bathroom not used very often? Or, is it a Powder Room without a tub or shower. All of these factors are essential to determine what type of Flooring and Window Treatments are right for your space.

Factors to Consider

  • Daily Usage
  • Humidity from Showers
  • Spills or Overflow from Bathtubs
  • Easy Care and Maintenance

Your Sales Representative can help you choose the right Flooring. During your FREE In-Home Estimate, your Representative will explain choices to fit your home, budget and lifestyle.

Recommendations for Bathroom Flooring


Engineered Hardwoods and Solid Hardwoods look great, are warm underfoot and their factory prefinished topcoat helps to resist wear even in high-traffic spaces. Since Hardwood is sensitive to moisture, you will need to be diligent about ensuring the floor is kept free of spills.


Laminate Flooring is durable and easy to clean. Its realistic wood visuals provide your Bathroom with a warm, soft, inviting look. And it’s stain resistant to help keep Bathrooms looking great. Keep in mind the potential for exposure to moisture when choosing Laminate Flooring for your Bathroom - you will need to wipe up topical spills immediately and avoid allowing liquids to stand on the floor.


Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile set the stage for a beautiful Bathroom. They provide a rich, textured, timeless style that is exceptionally durable. Tile is also naturally mold resistant and easy to clean and maintain, which makes it a good match for Bathrooms.

Luxury Vinyl

This economical Flooring is not only moisture and slip resistant; it’s also warmer and more comfortable underfoot than Tile. Luxury Vinyl Tile can also be installed without grout, making it easier to clean frequently.


Sheet Vinyl is a durable, budget-friendly option that provides the look of natural Tile and Stone. However, Vinyl is softer underfoot than Tile. In addition, it’s moisture resistant, slip resistant and antimicrobial to help prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Window Treatments

Want to let light in and maintain privacy? With a top-down, bottom-up feature, you can have both. Plus, there are plenty of options for Window Treatments that can work well in rooms that have high humidity levels.

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Financing Available subject to credit approval. see financing details.
Financing Available subject to credit approval. see financing details.
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