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Vinyl FAQs

How quickly can installation begin for my vinyl flooring?

Empire® prides itself on being able to provide convenient service that meets your schedule. Like many other Empire Today® products, your vinyl flooring may be available for next day* installation.

How is vinyl flooring installed?

Empire Today’s® trained installers use manufacturer-approved underlayments and adhesives. Your Empire Today® Sales Representative can provide more details about the process during your FREE In-Home Estimate.

What is the recommended cleaning process for vinyl flooring?

The following cleaning recommendations should be used only after familiarizing yourself with the manufacturers’ care and maintenance warranties. 
  • Keep traffic clear of the treated area for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Cleaning recommendations that involve odorless mineral spirits and isopropyl alcohol should be carefully followed due to the flammability of the solvents. 
  • Important note: Sharp objects should never be used on vinyl flooring. 

Does vinyl flooring fade?

Almost all flooring eventually shows some damage when exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid direct sun damage. Drape or shade any windows that will expose the flooring to direct sunlight. Please consult your manufacturers’ warranties for further details.

Does Empire Today® carry Congoleum®, Mannington®, Armstrong® or Solarium® products?

These are all brand names for resilient or vinyl flooring. We carry vinyl flooring containing Flexitac®. This material is resilient, flexible, quick-to-install and moisture resistant. Your Empire® Today® Sales representative can provide samples and additional information during your FREE In-Home Estimate.

Is vinyl flooring water-resistant?

The products that we install are water-resistant. Your Empire Today® sales representative can provide you with further details during your FREE In-Home Estimate.

Does vinyl flooring come in different styles and patterns?

Yes. We offer an array of colors and patterns, including stone, ceramic and wood visuals.

What is the wear-and-tear life cycle of vinyl flooring?

This information varies by product. Your Empire Today® Sales Representative can provide you with details on your selected product.

How do I get my vinyl flooring repaired?

If the warranty has not been voided, we can set up an appointment to have a representative come to your home to assess the damage.

Does Empire Today® replace a portion of an existing vinyl floor?

No. We do not replace portions of existing vinyl flooring.

Can vinyl flooring be installed over existing flooring?

Yes. Empire® can install vinyl flooring over most existing flooring. An Empire Today® sales representative can assist with assessing the floor.

Will having multiple layers of old vinyl flooring complicate the installation of new vinyl flooring?

No. The new vinyl flooring installation is not restricted by the presence of existing vinyl flooring layers.

Can vinyl flooring be installed over concrete?

Yes. Empire® can install vinyl flooring over concrete. Your Empire Today® Sales Representative can provide more details regarding pre-installation requirements once an on-site assessment is completed.

Can a floor cover such as a welcome mat or an area rug be placed on vinyl flooring?

We recommend that you thoroughly read all warranty information before placing any rugs or mats on the floor. Rubber-backed rugs or non-ventilated rugs are not recommended for these types of floors.

What is the difference between resilient flooring and vinyl flooring?

Resilient flooring is a category that includes vinyl flooring. The word resilient refers to the flooring material’s performance attributes.

Is vinyl flooring scratch resistant?

Vinyl flooring is not scratch resistant. However Flexitec® contains a durable “super guard” finish which offers better protection against scrapes and stains.

How long does it take to install vinyl flooring?

Vinyl floor installations are normally completed within two business days, depending on the size of the room and floor preparation requirements.

Will seams be noticeable on my vinyl floor?

Vinyl flooring seams are less noticeable than many other products. This is due to the material’s construction.
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