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Hardwood FAQs

Does Empire® carry Hardwood Flooring?

We offer a wide variety of solid and engineered Hardwood Flooring.

How quickly can installation begin for my Hardwood Flooring?

We are able to professionally install in-stock Hardwood Flooring when you want – as soon Next Day. Because we have large warehouses with Hardwood Flooring ready to be installed, we can work around your schedule and help make updating your home easy and convenient. 

Does Empire® install transitions and moldings?

All Hardwood Flooring installations are professionally finished with fashionable coordinating moldings and transitions when applicable.

Can my Hardwood Flooring from Empire® be refinished?

Hardwood Flooring is designed for long-term durability, but it may eventually require refinishing. A traditional refinish involves stripping the floor and re-applying or changing the stain color. All Empire® Hardwood Flooring allows for “screen and recoats.” This is similar to a refinish but much less disruptive. It allows the finish to be restored without the mess of sanding and buffing.

How do I clean my hardwood flooring?

You may use a lightly moist mop and a simple cleaning solution made with vinegar and water to clean your floor. You can also try solvents specifically approved for hardwood flooring. But make sure to follow cleaning directions.

How quickly can installation begin for bamboo flooring?

Empire® prides itself on being able to provide convenient service that meets your schedule. Like many other Empire Today® products, your bamboo flooring may be available for Next Day* installation.

What is bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring products available. The bamboo plant is a sustainable material. It is among the world’s fastest-growing plants. Furthermore, bamboo is durable and it’s resistant to insects and moisture. Compared to hardwood, bamboo flooring tends to soften a room’s ambiance. This is due to the product’s finish.

Is bamboo flooring more resistant to wear and tear than hardwood flooring?

Bamboo flooring is known for its durability. But it is subject to the same wear and tear as hardwood flooring. It needs to be properly maintained using the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and general care.

Is bamboo flooring scratch-resistant?

Bamboo flooring has similar characteristics to hardwood flooring. Place protectors under the legs of furniture and floor mats to preserve the flooring. To maximize the flooring’s appearance, refrain from dragging or dropping items that may cause scuffs or marks.

What rooms are best suited for bamboo flooring in the home?

Your Empire® Today® sales representative can make recommendations on the areas that will be best suited for your product. Bamboo flooring can be installed in the same home locations that are suitable for hardwood flooring.

Does the bamboo flooring installation process differ from laminate or hardwood flooring installations?

There are multiple ways to install bamboo flooring, depending on the final application and space function. Your Empire Today® sales representative can provide additional details regarding the installation process during your FREE at-home estimate.

What is the warranty for bamboo flooring?

Our bamboo flooring carries a 25-year warranty. Your Empire Today® sales representative can provide you with additional warranty details.
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