Park Heights

Park Heights

Perfect for a busy household with easy cleaning and soft, durable fibers.

Color Happy Trails
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Soft Plush Carpet, Easy Cleaning

Park Heights is an exceptional texture carpet designed to withstand daily spills and high traffic. Composed of ClearTouch® polyester fiber, this plush carpet offers outstanding softness – perfect for laying out on with a good book or playing next to the dog. Yes, you heard correctly. Park Heights is coated in R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System as well as PUP® Pet Urine Protection, so daily spills and pet urine accidents are not a major concern. Easy cleanup, premium softness, and stain resistance all make Park Heights a clear winner in the plush carpet category.

Park Heights Happy Trails Carpet
  • R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System helps protect carpet from dirt and spills, making cleanup easy
  • PUP® Pet Urine Protection helps protect carpet fibers from pet urine accidents
  • ClearTouch® polyester fibers offer exceptional softness
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