Match Play

Match Play

A soft touch that's hard on stains.

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Powerful Stain Resistance for Lasting Comfort

Pets will be pets. Kids will be kids. Clumsy adults will … you get the point. That’s why 100% polyester carpets have evolved to where they are today: durable, strong, and performance-driven. These fibers help reduce pilling, shedding, and fuzzing, so your carpet looks just as good on Day 365 as it did on Day 1. And you have the built-in R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System to thank when constant cleaning isn’t on your daily agenda. Spills, dirt, and stains are more likely to stand on the surface than soak into the well-protected fibers. Same goes for pet accidents: PUP® Pet Urine Protection brings an additional line of defense that helps protect carpet from stains caused by pet urine.

Match Play In The Hole Carpet
  • Treated with R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System
  • Carpet is less likely to stain from pet urine with PUP® Pet Urine Protection
  • 100% polyester helps reduce fuzzing and pilling, retaining that “new” carpet look for longer
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