Fibers that stand tough with a pin-dot pattern that stands out.

Color Indigo
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Powerful Stain Resistance with a Stylish Pin-Dot Pattern

This super-soft Anso® nylon carpet performs equally well in family rooms, master bedrooms, home offices, and any room that sees a lot of foot traffic. Frequent use should not equal frequent staining. Thanks to R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System and Odor Protection, this carpet repels most spills and stains, allowing easy cleanup, making life a little less complicated. PUP® Pet Urine Protection provides another defense by helping keep urine on the surface, rather than in the fibers and backing where messes are harder to remove. This patterned nylon carpet has your back, even if you’re not the messy type.

Motivate Indigo Carpet
  • R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System and Odor Protection helps protect carpet from dirt and spills
  • PUP® Pet Urine Protection helps keep liquids on the carpet’s surface
  • 100% Anso® nylon fiber feels soft, and is soft to the touch
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