Your Home Will Look and Smell Better with HOME Fresh Carpet From Empire®.

Having new carpet installed can completely transform the way your home looks. But did you know that certain carpets can do more for your home than just enhance its appearance? HOME Fresh carpet from Empire Today is an odor-neutralizing, hypoallergenic carpet that can help your home smell better and improve overall air quality indoors. While it’s especially beneficial in homes with pets or smokers, cleaner air is something that everyone can enjoy.

How Does HOME Fresh Hypoallergenic Carpet Work?

There are two main components to this carpet’s abilities. First is the specialized, premium padding that is integrated into the carpet itself. This padding is designed to increase airflow, which lets the suction power of your vacuum reach deep into the carpet—and down to the padding itself. As a result, dirt and dust are less likely to stay trapped in the carpet, making your regular vacuuming more effective.

The second secret to HOME Fresh’s impressive abilities comes from a natural mineral that is integrated into the carpet fibers. This mineral has odor-neutralizing properties that break down the components that cause common unwanted smells, helping prevent strong odors from lingering in the carpet. You can rely less on candles and air fresheners which can contribute to poorer indoor air quality—regardless of how nice they smell. Additionally, HOME Fresh carpet does not contain any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can be found in many common flooring materials. These chemicals escape over time and contaminate your home’s air. Another benefit of HOME Fresh is that it is considered an eco-friendly carpet, made almost entirely from post-consumer recycled materials.