Top Bloggers Weigh in on Stain-Busting Methods

There are few things more annoying than a pesky stain that won’t come out of your carpet. Whether the stain is the result of a tipped glass at a party, a child’s afternoon art project, or the beloved family pet, we’ve all put in the elbow grease it takes to try and get it out. Sometimes, though, the scrubbing makes it worse. To save our floors from permanent blotches, we enlisted the help of six top home and lifestyle bloggers to participate in a stain-removing challenge. Faced with five of the toughest stains, they shared with us their top tips to keep your carpets looking fresh.

Tips for removing coffee stains from carpet

Coffee stains were the first that the bloggers combatted. Two of the bloggers suggested hydrogen peroxide to lift the stain, while two others preferred a mix of white vinegar and dish detergent. Christine Burke suggests a mix of water, lemon juice, and dish detergent, combined with careful dabbing, to fight the stain, while Becky Rapinchuk opts for dish detergent alone.

How to remove colored drink stains from floors

The second stain that bloggers went toe-to-toe with were those left behind by colored drinks. Club soda was the hero for three of the bloggers, with April McCormick, writer of First Time Mom and Dad, declaring it her go-to for colored drink spills. Other favorite methods included hydrogen peroxide, cool water, and white vinegar.

Advice on cleaning crayon, marker and ink stains

Families with kids, fear not: the third stain the bloggers took on came from crayons, markers, and other inks. For ink and marker, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide reigned supreme. Three bloggers suggested using heat to beat tough, waxy residue from crayons on carpet. And - if your little artist used the walls as their canvas - Anna Moseley suggests a paste of cornstarch and water to save you a trip to the paint aisle!

Bloggers share how they get rid of mud in carpet

Mud stains didn’t stand a chance against these cleaning gurus. One blogger takes pre-emptive measures to avoid them, including laying down old towels by the door on rainy days. Sometimes, though, mud tracks are inevitable, and when that’s the case, three of the bloggers vacuum as much of the dried mud up before tackling them with dish soap, water, or hydrogen peroxide. In Diane Henkler’s house, though, baking soda, water, and dish detergent are the ways to go after vacuuming.

Methods for removing household pet stains

The final stains we asked bloggers to tackle were ones from pets. Half of the bloggers turned to carpet cleaners or pet-specific spot removers to get rid of the stain and its resulting odors and bacteria. Two more preferred powdered detergent or baking soda mixed with water or dish soap. For Melissa Maker, writer of Clean My Space, though, a past of salt, vinegar, and borax powder helped lift and deodorize anything left behind after blotting the stain up. There are so many things in life that can make a mess: from muddy paws to fruity sodas and everything in between. Don’t panic, though, because solutions that will save your floor are only a click away, no elbow grease needed. And to give you a better base to battle all of the stains life throws at you, our exclusive, brand new HOME Fresh carpet helps keep stains from seeping in and even neutralizes odors.

No matter your lifestyle, tough carpet stains will happen. A little preparedness and creativity go a long way! Special thanks to every guest blogger for the detailed, ingenious tips.