5 Hardwood Flooring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

Published: January 7, 2020

Hardwood flooring is still one of the most popular flooring choices in homes today. And with many amazing engineered hardwood options in the mix, homeowners have more to choose from than ever. But before you spring for that hardwood floor installation, you’ll want to do some homework. Here are some trends and insights to keep in mind.

1. Light Colors Will Remain Popular

It’s tough to overlook the warmth and elegance of an old walnut or other darker hardwood flooring. But in the past decade, with contemporary and transitional interior design elements dominating, more people have dared to experiment with light colors.

White oak is one popular example. It’s a neutral tone that invites casual sophistication and it’s great for large, expansive floors. Gray tones are also hot. In living rooms, they’ll settle into the background for dark furniture or colorful wall art, and, in kitchens, the right cabinets will stand out beautifully against gray.

Popular in beach houses and Brownstones, natural blonde flooring still has its followers, too. These light hardwoods welcome light into a room, but are also versatile and work great in kitchens, with dark cabinets, and against accent walls.

white oak engineered hardwood flooring in the kitchen

Urban Edge Engineered Hardwood. Style: Skydeck

2. It’s the Wild West of Plank Sizes

Thin, two to three-inch, hardwood slats aren’t out of the picture, but wider planks have been the big request for the past five years. They can open up a room and make it look more spacious, and, with fewer seams, the patterns and grain in the wood can be seen more clearly. Hardwood lovers are also starting to request longer planks, too!

Wider widths, longer lengths, and did we mention, some ambitious customers are also dabbling in varying widths for their installations? It’s too early to call that one as a hot trend, but don’t be surprised to hear about a neighbor or two experimenting with the idea.

wide plank engineered hardwood with a sofa

County Line, engineered hardwood with wide planks. Style: Crossroads

narrow plank engineered hardwood in the kitchen

Cambridge Engineered Hardwood

3. Keeping it Real with Texture and Sheen

We all remember those thin, super-glossy oak slats at grandma’s house. Those hardwood glory days still have a place in homes today, but just as colors have undergone a transformation, the matte sheen has taken over today’s hardwood floors, too. Matte brings a more natural look that today’s eco-conscious homeowners love.

Texture is also a big part of the hardwood flooring conversation as well. Expect to see more hand-scraped, wire-brushed and ceruse textures going forward. They add depth and character to hardwood, and interior designers enjoy their flexibility to handle both contemporary or more traditional furnishings and room designs.

matte engineered hardwood flooring with a chair

County Line Engineered Hardwood. Style: Boundary


4. Hardwood Flooring as a Contrasting Tool

While light colors are more popular today, it’s important not to forget those amazing foyers, dining rooms or family rooms with dark hardwood that make light walls and furnishings sing!

Hardwood flooring colors can often be used to highlight and contrast parts of a room, whether it’s a photo, unique furnishing, bold art piece or something else. Don’t forget, the right floor can stand out but it’s also a tool to help start conversations about other elements in a space as well.

solid hardwood in the kitchen

Manchester Solid Hardwood. Style: Oceanside Gray

5. The Best Trend is the Look You Choose

Your home will outlive any trend. Sure, your neighbor’s house may look great with a trendy gray or white oak. But does that match the furniture and feel of your home?

The hardwood floors you choose will need to suit your durability and aesthetic needs. That’s why it’s best to consult with a professional who will take the time to understand your situation.  Just remember to stay true to your personal taste!

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