6 Ideas for An Epic Basement Remodel

Whether searching the Internet or the latest home improvement shows for basement flooring ideas, you’ll find examples of a basement remodel transforming the space into something truly special.

With the right basement floors, décor, and furniture, a remodel of your lower level can add a whole new dynamic to your home. Whether you want to create a welcoming space for guests, a fun entertainment zone, or a super comfy gathering area for the big game, here are six basement remodel ideas worth considering.

Build A Home Theater

Home theater in the basement flooring

Some basements may not have much natural light, but that’s perfect for a home movie theater! For in-home cinema, many homeowners love a thick plush carpet to add the kind of comfort that you can’t find in actual movie theaters. Kick off your shoes, recline in that over-sized theater-style seat, and enjoy your favorite show.

Some ideas to consider for your basement home theater:

  • Install an actual projector and screen for a true widescreen feel.
  • Use floor lighting to help you navigate the space in the dark.
  • If you’re a movie collector, build a display case to show off your collection.
  • Decorate the walls with classic film posters.
  • Don’t forget surround sound and easy-to-control, dimmable lighting.


Your Own Private Gym

basement flooring for creating a home gym

When it comes to home gyms, some people prefer that clean, minimalist look with neutral grays, whites, and blacks. Go with luxury vinyl tile for some added comfort under foot, and mix in that corner TV to keep up with the latest scores. A simple combination of resistance training, cardio equipment, and free weights doesn’t need to take up a lot of space but can create an atmosphere that’s great for a mind-clearing calorie burn any time of day.

With a home gym, you can also keep it simple and go for an industrial look by taking advantage of already exposed concrete floors and walls. Add artwork from your favorite sports teams or action movies, and roll out a commercial grade carpet for free weight and stretching areas. Some homeowners even make their basement home gyms into a yoga or dance studio with wall-length mirrors, hardwood flooring, and plenty of open space.


The Ultimate Gathering Space

basement flooring gathering area

In larger basements, you can create a multi-faceted entertainment room. Incorporate a bar with vintage, iconic art on the walls for mixing up the latest cocktails. Add a widescreen TV and a large sectional nearby for an ideal spot with friends and family or to host a small party. Add to the inviting vibe with a durable wood-look vinyl plank floor in a rich red or white oak color that looks great and feels comfortable.

If there’s room for it, basements are also excellent places for a billiard table and darts. With a large space, you can create entertainment zones—where one group is immersed in a television show, another competes for bragging rights in a game of darts, and others chat at nearby bar stools.


Create a Loft-Style Apartment

loft style basement space for flooring

Basements can also make for great guest rooms, a mother-in-law quarters, or spaces where friends can relax, hang out, and spend the night. We suggest modeling your space after a loft-style apartment with light-colored hardwood or wood laminate basement flooring.

Embrace open space with some contemporary or minimalist furniture. Consider adding in futons or sleek pull-out couches that use space efficiently and have multiple uses—during the day, the bright, airy space can double as a relaxing gathering area before your guests tuck in for the night. A cute corner kitchen and small dining table for two are also perfect welcoming touches for a loft-style guest space.


Go For a Cozy Cabin Look

cabin look flooring for basement

With exposed wood in the ceiling, a basement can naturally offer some rustic elements. Some homeowners will add decorative wood beams overhead, along with wooden wall paneling for a cozy cabin look. Add to the cabin look and vibe with a low-maintenance wood laminate basement floor to offer more warmth and texture.

Big couches with puffy pillows and a TV are essentials in a space like this. And don’t forget a corner kitchen to brew up some coffee or tea! For flooring, consider going with more of a classic look by using thin hardwood slats.


Build a Creative Space or Art Studio

Sometimes you just want that getaway space where you can create something uniquely your own. Whether you paint, record music, write poetry, dance, or sing, a safe retreat to nurture your inner artist can be found with the perfect basement remodel.

Install blinds for a window well to shed light on your canvas in the early morning to get those creative juices flowing. You can also add sophistication with a vinyl tile or vinyl plank floor that has a wood look but offers the water resistance to handle that messy art project, too.

Throw in a workbench with years of creativity scars, add a separate couch and sitting space alongside your personal creative zone, or paint the ceiling stark white or a vibrant color. The best thing about making your basement into a creative space is that it truly starts and ends with your own imagination. You make the décor rules, and can choose to follow them or not.

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