Tips for Keeping the House Cool This Summer

Updated: July 17th, 2023

Whether you live in the south with temperatures in the triple digits or in the north where it only gets up to the eighties, summer can feel hot. Even worse, it can feel hot and sticky. Even worse than that, it can feel hot and sticky inside your home, which is supposed to be comfortable and relaxing. Keeping the house cool this summer requires a few tricks.

keeping the house cool



Using fans instead of the air conditioning is obviously a great way for keeping the house cool and saving a pretty penny. But did you know that the direction your fan is going can also improve how cool your home feels? Studies show that when your fans are circulating in a counter-clockwise direction, it will feel cooler. This is due to the fact that for some reason, the counter-clockwise fan motion makes the room feel more natural. It feels similar to the wind from outside.


Open Windows at Night

Humans tend to sleep better at night when it feels colder. That usually means we all end up turning down the air conditioning to a very low level. Instead of doing that, try opening your windows before you go to bed. The breeze will come inside and make you feel just as comfortable as you do when you turn the air conditioning down.


Leave Doors Open

For proper circulation in the home, leave doors open for a good balance of air flow. Even if it’s a room you don’t use often or it’s a room that you prefer having the door closed in order to hide whatever mess is there, it’s still better to leave all the doors open. Closed doors can lead to overly warm rooms and overly cold rooms. Temperature balance helps cool the entire home.


Close the Blinds During the Day

If you aren’t home during the day, close the blinds before you leave. The sunlight streaming in all day long will only make it more difficult to cool down once you get home. There are tons of blinds and shades that are designed to keep your house at a reasonable temperature.

And there you have it! Hopefully these quick trips help keep your home cool and comfortable when temperatures are high. And if you ever need help with your flooring or blinds and shades, we’re here to help. Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate with our experts whenever you need us.

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