5 Reasons You’ll Love HOME Fresh Carpet

HOME Fresh™, a whole new kind of soft flooring, is finally here. And you can only get it from Empire Today. Here are 5 things you’ll love about HOME Fresh carpet.

home fresh carpet


1. Finally, Carpet that Homeowners with Allergies and Asthma Can Love

home fresh carpet hypoallergenic iconMost homeowners claim to have at least one allergy or nasal issue. Severe allergies and breathing conditions (such as asthma) can be aggravated by just about anything in the environment. Carpet is no exception; doctors will often advise patients to tear up all the carpeting in the home after an asthma diagnosis. When you have to take out soft, comfy carpet just so your kids can be comfortable in your home, something isn’t quite right.

That’s what makes HOME Fresh an entirely different kind of carpet. In fact, it’s the world’s first and only 100% hypoallergenic carpet! While we often think of “hypoallergenic” as a term on skin care products, HOME Fresh is hypoallergenic due to its innovative construction:

Dirt, allergens, and moisture like to crawl deep down under your carpet padding and hang out there forever. HOME Fresh carpet has both incredible airflow and does not absorb moisture, which helps prevent allergen and mildew growth.

Not only is HOME Fresh hypoallergenic, it actually helps you have a cleaner home overall.

2. HOME Fresh Carpet Neutralizes Household Odors. Seriously.

home fresh carpet odor neutralizing logoIf you’ve ever smelled a musty basement with old carpet, it’s kind of hard to forget. While carpet fibers have been known to trap funky smells from smoking, cooking, or pets, HOME Fresh is a true game changer. And we’re not talking about an air freshener to mask common household smells. HOME Fresh helps get rid of smells on the carpet completely:

HOME Fresh’s fibers contain a natural mineral that breaks odor molecules into separate compounds, effectively neutralizing odors on the carpet in a short period of time. This is something you have to smell to believe. Fewer lingering odors make a home fresher than ever!

3. One of the Easiest Carpets to Clean, Ever

home fresh carpetLet’s face it. Kids and adults make messes. Getting new carpet can feel like a serious risk for the clumsier folks (read: everyone). Don’t fret – HOME Fresh is one of the easiest carpets to clean.

We talked a bit about improved airflow. When you unify the fiber layer with the premium felt pad, vacuuming has never been more effective. Dirt, crumbs, and allergens are much more likely to be picked up with HOME Fresh.

And remember – HOME Fresh fibers do not absorb moisture. When carpet stays relatively dry, it’s much more difficult for allergens and mold to grow. Spills and accidental pet urine have less of an impact as well.

With limited lifetime stain and soil warranties, HOME Fresh is really perfect for families with kids and pets.home fresh carpet durable pet urine protection

Additional treatments, such as Scotchgard Protector 3M with Advanced Repel Technology and PUP Pet Urine Protection make all the difference.

HOME Fresh is a brand new carpet you can feel comfortable on without worrying too much about occasional spills. That’s more than most carpet can really say.

4. HOME Fresh Carpet is Better for the Environment

HOME Fresh isn’t like most other carpet. It’s 100% recyclable, even down to the felt padding itself. These fibers are composed from plastic water bottles, meaning this carpet is unlikely to end up in a landfill.

Carpet that is eco-friendly is not the household name it should be. HOME Fresh aims to change that. You learned that it’s 100% hypoallergenic carpet and can help eliminate odors. So fresh air is a given.

HOME Fresh also doesn’t contain latex or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The strong “new carpet smell” is nowhere to be found. Isn’t it nice knowing this carpet is better for the environment inside and out of your home?

5. Lasting Comfort Isn’t Limited to One Look

For everyone else, the ultimate decision on flooring comes down to how it will look and feel in the context of your home. That includes natural lighting, how rooms are used, and existing décor. Someone who thinks they want a wood look throughout the entire home might not realize how much nicer HOME Fresh is on bare feet first thing in the morning. This is a carpet everyone can love!

HOME Fresh is available in two unique collections: One and Only and Incomparable.

home fresh carpet one and only

One and Only is an incredibly soft plush carpet, available in four solid colors.


home fresh carpet incomparable

Incomparable is a beautiful yet casual frieze carpet, available in six modern colors.


Both are the same HOME Fresh carpet, just with slightly different colors and textures. It all comes down to your preference.

HOME Fresh: Carpet Everyone Can Love

Available only at Empire Today, HOME Fresh is unlike any other carpet you’ve seen. It’s the world’s first and only 100% hypoallergenic and odor-neutralizing carpet. It’s extremely durable and easy to clean. And it’s eco-friendly.

Stay tuned for video demonstrations and more unique HOME Fresh announcements this month. The best way to experience HOME Fresh?

Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate to see and feel this revolutionary, Empire-exclusive carpet in your own home. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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