Finding Warm Floors for Winter

Published: November 20, 2017

    The inevitable winter weather is upon us. While that means we get to sip hot cocoa and wrap ourselves in soft, warm blankets, it also means having a cold home if you’re not prepared. Did you know your flooring can affect the temperature of your home? Here are a few warm floors and other considerations when making your home cozier this winter.

    Finding Warm Floors for Winter

    Hardwood Spreads Warmth Throughout Your Home

    Hardwood has more benefits for your home than giving it a timeless look. Solid wood is an excellent heat conductor and allows heat to travel through your home quicker. This can help reduce energy costs in the long run, as well as make a home cozier during frigid, snowy nights.

    Carpet Feels Warm No Matter What

    Carpet not only offers a soft cushion for your feet—it feels inherently warm when touched. This is because it doesn’t automatically pull heat from your body. While Carpet doesn’t necessarily help heat circulate throughout your home, it feels naturally warm to walk on with bare feet.

    Vinyl Flooring Lets You Have Tile Without the Cold Touch

    With vinyl flooring, you get warm floors that are incredibly versatile. Whether you have vinyl tile or vinyl plank, its temperature remains comfortable in any season. You can enjoy the look of tile or wood without feeling like you’re walking on ice.

    A Rug Can Keep Cold Floors Warm

    Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, and Laminate flooring tend to be less temperature-friendly in colder months of the year.

    By laying down comfortable, inexpensive rugs, you can make your chilly bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways a lot warmer to the touch. Many hall-runners can make a difference as well. The best part? Most rugs can be washed easily, keeping maintenance in the winter to a minimum.

    In the end, you want to prepare your home for whatever weather winter brings. That’s why it’s important to know what you prefer when it comes to flooring. Whether you choose Carpet’s warm touch or hardwood’s ability to spread heat throughout your home, make sure you stay cozy this winter. Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate today to get warm floors in your home.

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