Spring Cleaning Series: Advanced Carpet Care

Updated: April 25th, 2023

Whether you had it installed by Empire Today® or not, there are some universal truths to keeping your carpet looking new for longer. As part of our Spring Cleaning Series, we present Advanced Carpet Care. Keep that carpet looking amazing for the next several years with these quick carpet care tips. advanced carpet care

Vacuum Like You’re Being Paid to Vacuum

Vacuuming is only as effective as the amount of effort you put into it. It’s recommended that you vacuum daily in high traffic areas. Some refer to this as the “beaten path.”

Most houses have “the room that no one ever goes in.” We can bet with confidence you’ll have some guests in that dining room or living room more often with new carpet installed. For rooms with lower foot traffic, vacuuming twice a week is recommended.

And while vacuuming might not be as exhilarating as walking between skyscrapers with a blindfold, you should still pay close attention to vacuuming in both directions in even columns. If you have a frieze or loop style carpet, make sure you have an appropriate setting on the vacuum that won’t snag your new soft floor.

Keep Mud at the Door

With new carpet, you’ve now earned the right to enforce a “shoes off inside” policy. Mats for shoes should be scattered at every entrance in the house. The creative ways in which people repurpose wooden pallets on Pinterest will blow your mind – like shoe racks.

Seriously, there are no excuses for shoes on new carpet. In the unlikely chance a pet or a child tracks some mud onto the new carpet, it’s important to act quickly. A little white vinegar and warm water with a clean, neutral rag will work wonders in a pinch. In a worst-case scenario of chocolate on a white frieze, don’t spread the mess around. Instead, gently saturate the area and blot carefully, applying even pressure until all the mud/chocolate/crud is gone.

Bonus tip: avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals. You could make a stain worse then you started with. Consider hiring an experienced professional cleaner at least once a year. Your carpet will thank you for years to come.

Avoid “Carpet Craters”

When taking care of new carpet, it’s important to move furniture around once in a while. If your carpet piles are crushed by the same custom Italian sofa long enough, they might not seem like they’ll ever come back up. Furniture legs leave carpet craters – consider using a vacuum or ice cube to help raise carpet indentations.

The best philosophy with carpet? Clean it daily, not just during spring cleaning. Show your carpet some love this spring!

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