How to Choose the Right Bathroom Floor Tiles for Your Home

Your bathroom is more than just a room. It’s a place where you can escape with a relaxing bubble bath, it’s a judgment-free zone for you to sing as loud as you’d like, or maybe it’s where your kids will first learn to grow out of diapers. Whatever your bathroom means to you, it’s important to take proper care of this sanctuary. And choosing the right bathroom floor tiles is a big component of that. Never fear, Empire is here to help you pick the right flooring for you and your family.

choosing bathroom floor tiles

Know Which Bathroom Floor Tiles are Better for Your Home

While shopping for bathroom floor tiles, it’s important to know your options and what benefits they each can add to your home. Look beyond style and see which tile would make the ideal bathroom flooring.

Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile:

Porcelain and ceramic tiles can often be confused by first glance, but they differ in durability and sustainability. Although both tiles are clay-based, porcelain’s is more refined and heated at a higher temperature. This makes it harder and tougher than ceramic tile.

While ceramic may be a more fragile option, it still has the same important features as porcelain. Both tile options are resistant to water, scratches, slips, and stains. In addition to making these tile options easy to clean and maintain, this makes them perfect for rooms that are prone to moisture, especially your bathroom. With the inevitable splashing and spilling of water in your bathroom, it’s important to get flooring that isn’t easily damaged by a little H2O.

Both bathroom floor tiles come in various styles that can fit any home. From natural stone to realistic wood looks, Empire’s porcelain and ceramic options offer a variety of sizes, colors, and textures that are bound to elevate your home’s décor.

Vinyl Tile

A newer option, vinyl tile is an increasing trend not only in bathroom flooring, but flooring in general. Available in multiple styles and textures vinyl floors can offer the same resistance as porcelain and ceramic tiles: water, scratch, slip, and stain. However, it also comes with mold and mildew resistance. Where there’s moisture there’s a chance of mildew growing. Not only does mildew damage your floor, but it can make a bathroom unusable for allergy sufferers. While vinyl may not be 100% hypoallergenic, its resistance can help prevent the yucky mold allergen from growing on your floors.

Get Bathroom Floor Tiles That are Built for Your Lifestyle

Now that you know the different flooring options, it’s time to choose which is best for you and your family. No household is the same, so it all boils down to your lifestyle and what you think will benefit you the most. The important thing is to take every aspect of your life into consideration. Are you getting new flooring for the bathroom in your master bedroom that only you and your spouse share or is it for a bathroom that your kids will also use? If it’s for a bathroom for only one or two adults, the difference in durability with porcelain and ceramic may not play a big factor in your decision. If you have a pet with claws, scratch-resistance is something you should take into consideration.

Still don’t know where to start even after considering your family’s lifestyle? Make sure your bathroom flooring at least has these three important features: slip-resistance, water-resistance, and mildew resistance. That’s a great start to getting great flooring.

Choose a Style You’ll Love

Here’s the fun part: choosing the look! While this may not hold as much importance as deciding what features are needed for your lifestyle, this is the big element that affects your home’s décor. If you have a small bathroom, try to aim for larger size tiles or bathroom floor tiles that have a lighter color. This can create the illusion of space and make the room seem bigger.

You also want to make sure your floor tile doesn’t clash with the tile in your shower. Choose one tile pattern to stand out and build the other around that one. If you get a bright and fun patterned tile for the shower, aim for a subtler color for the floor.

While choosing the right flooring is all about preference, it’s important to search for certain key features. No matter the style, Empire Today offers bathroom floor tiles that can elevate your home’s décor while taking your lifestyle into consideration. It can all start with just a click! Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate to browse bathroom floor tiles for your home.

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