How Efficient are Your Existing Appliances? – Part 1

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Where there is high electricity consumption (which most of our commonly used home appliances require), there are more opportunities to save. This is the first in a series of basic tips for operating your existing electronic appliances to ensure they are running in a way that is most effective. Let’s start there with the dishwasher.  MORE

Making a Small Laundry Room More Efficient

In remodeling, many challenges are presented to me on how to make a space bigger. This time, it was the laundry room that was small and cramped. MORE

Greening Your Cleaning – Part 2

Photo credit: Target

In this edition of our green cleaning series, I’m going to help you navigate the world of wood furniture cleaning. These surfaces account for a reasonable amount of surface space in most homes. MORE

Your Family’s Command Center

I recently began work on a small project that many of you have probably seen before. It is called the “Command Center”. Basically, this has become an area of the house where a family can easily track and coordinate all family activities from homework to sports to just about anything. Here's how we began designing and building this kind of space for the client. MORE

A Thought on Going Green...and Windows

I’ve attended many seminars on green home improvement topics over the years. And while I’ve learned a great many things, one overarching topic I’ve heard discussed time and time again is the misconception about prioritizing where to begin. MORE

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