Flooring Trends for 2024: The Year of Color and Character

Updated: February 7th, 2024

2024 has arrived, and with it comes new motivation to shake things up. For many, that means buying their first home, and for others just giving their existing space a deep stylistic refresh to better match what’s on trend. But just as quickly as the years change, so do home design trends. From wall colors to floor styles, what’s “in” is seemingly forever in flux. It’s just as important for service providers to keep up with these trends as it is for our customers, so we’ve done some digging to determine what’s primed to be the next big thing in flooring, and the answers are exciting! In short, expect to see more warmth, natural character, and maybe even a little bravado appearing throughout people’s homes.

Want to learn more about how that will manifest in new flooring trends? Keep on reading to get a taste of what we expect to be some of the most popular flooring in new homes and renovations in 2024.

So Long, Sterile. Say Hi to Character!

One of the overarching themes that will be running through most interior design and flooring trends is the embrace of surfaces that have more character than many of the leading products in recent years. Neutrals like grey and beige—and their suitably named sibling “greige”—have been among the top flavors so far this decade, but their reign looks to be ending. While we still expect them to be imminently popular, they’ll no longer be the obvious choice when compared to options with a literal personality.

So, what exactly does “character” mean and how will it be reflected in new flooring trends? Here are a few things that we expect to be popular in 2024.

Carpet with Warmer Tones and Bolder Patterns

In the carpet world, we will be seeing “less sterile, and more warm and livable looks,” according to April, our lead carpet buyer. Expect to see more flooring in “colors that are very earthy and natural, while pulling from a tranquil palate.” That should mean a return to the deep browns and strong tan tones that had fallen out of favor in recent years. Hues like this still offer much of the design flexibility of a plainer neutral, while still adding a cozy character to a home.

Brown is back in 2024, baby!

Consumers are also ready to embrace bolder patterns in their new carpet. While styles like the traditional pin dot pattern have long been popular in formal spaces, 2024 looks to be the year that more audacious visuals are embraced. Styles like chevron patterns or adventurous mixtures of colors add extra depth and personality without sacrificing comfort.

Natural Hard Surfaces Will Take Center Stage in 2024’s Flooring Trends

With rustic and farmhouse aesthetics among the top trends in recent years, natural surfaces have never really been unpopular. But in 2024, those styles will continue to evolve by embracing an even more natural, unpolished appearance. Glossy finishes will take a backseat while matte finishes come to the forefront. Natural wood will be a top pick in the wood-look floor sector, while wide-plank hardwood will continue to be hot.

Expect to see character-filled spaces with floors that embrace natural finishes and unique installation patterns.

In the tile world, natural stone looks will be a trending floor style. At Empire Today®, we expect this to be a great opportunity for stone-look flooring alternatives to shine. While the internet and other free resources make it easier for everyone to keep up with the hottest flooring trends, some of those trends will simply be out of reach for those on modest budgets. While slabs of slate or chunks of travertine may make your kitchen look like something out of a design magazine, those materials will also usually come at a price that reflects their prestige. However, the average consumer can still achieve a similar trendy aesthetic by opting for stone-look floors in the luxury vinyl tile or ceramic and porcelain tile product lines.

Move Over Minimalism, Make Way for Maximalism

The maximalist design movement has been picking up steam for a few years now. Some see it as a reaction to the general collective anxiety of the last few years, others simply as a way to make our living spaces cozier and more joyous. For so many, what used to be a place we spent only half of our day is now often a space we rarely leave. Whatever the reasoning, it means fewer people are concerned with a design that is specifically curated to impress visitors and instead are more interested in having their homes be fun and directly reflect their personalities. Many industry insiders expect 2024 to be the year that maximalist design crosses over to flooring trends.

This is seen in the growing embrace of bolder patterned carpets but will likely manifest itself more in the hard-surface world, where improvisation and creative installation methods are more easily achieved. Think of designs like hardwood laid in a herringbone pattern, a mix-and-match approach to tile floors, and an embrace of more artistic and colorful tile designs. Tile and wood floors’ versatility also means that maximalism can be applied in controlled doses, like a colorful ceramic tile backsplash in an otherwise conservative kitchen or a unique pattern of hardwood flooring integrated into a traditional wood floor installation.

Bolder colors will take the stage in 2024. Use them across an entire room, or as smaller accents like a vibrant backsplash.

Durability, Sustainability, and Eco-Friendliness

And of course, trends can include more than just aesthetics. We expect to see the continued growth of flooring trends that are not directly related to design, but instead practical and functional attributes.

The quest for environmentally-friendly materials continues to grow in all areas of modern life, and we’ll see that reflected in flooring trends—driven both by consumer desires and manufacturer’s initiatives. Empire® continually works with our suppliers to ensure that we can offer our customers the most sustainable and innovative flooring products. That can include carpets crafted using 30% less water than typical in the dying process, or wood-look floors made from increasing amounts of recycled materials.

Stemming in large part from the increased amount of activity the average home sees, overall durability and ease of maintenance continue to be important factors in our customers’ final flooring decisions. We expect our manufacturing partners to continue pushing the envelope in these areas, with innovations like anti-microbial carpet fibers or hard surface floors with improved coatings against scratches and wear.

Overwhelmed by Flooring Trends? We’re Here to Help

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