Mystique and Magic: The Allure of Dark and Moody Flooring 

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Moody is having a moment, and we aren’t talking about how you feel when you wake up on Monday morning and realize you’ve run out of coffee. The clean, bright, minimalist interiors that have dominated contemporary design for years have given rise to a rebellious offspring: the dark and moody interior design trend. Let’s explore how this unique and captivating design style can transform your living space, starting with the alluring world of dark and moody flooring.  

Dark and Moody Explained 

The dark and moody aesthetic has been growing in popularity in recent years for its ability to weave together a sense of coziness, luxury, and mystery within a space. Think exposed brick, vintage bookshelves filled with rare novels and unusual trinkets, and rugs of various patterns and textures layered in front of a crackling fireplace – you get the idea. 

Just like with any other interior design trend, your flooring choice can make all the difference in creating that perfect dark and moody atmosphere. A deep, richly colored floor lays the foundation for statement furniture pieces, eclectic art, and… But before we jump into flooring choices, let’s take a look at the various components of the moody aesthetic: 

  • Deep colors – Darker, saturated colors are a hallmark of the moody aesthetic. Deep shades of green, plum, charcoal, navy, and burgundy are common among walls, window coverings, and furniture. 
  • Dark floors: Dark wood or stone flooring is a classic choice for moody interiors. Darker flooring of any kind can add depth and richness and lays the groundwork for the gorgeous paint colors and decor that characterize a moody space. 
  • Low lighting: Moody interiors tend to feature low or ambient lighting. Think table lamps, wall sconces, or even candles rather than a bright overhead light. That being said, rooms with large windows and lots of natural light can still take on a distinctly mysterious or romantic quality depending on the design choices. 
  • Lots of texture: Texture is a huge part of the moody aesthetic and a fun way to add personalization to your space. In a dark and moody home or room you might see fabrics such as suede or velvet for upholstery, weathered or distressed finishes on furniture, flooring, and fixtures, decorative throw pillows and curtains, and of course a beautiful rug or two. 

Dark Night of the Soul 

Although the dark and moody trend has burst onto the interior design scene relatively recently, this aesthetic draws inspiration from several different historical design movements and periods. There’s the drama and dark woods of the Gothic Revival and Victorian periods (19th Century), the bold contrasts of the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s, and even Modern Minimalism with its emphasis on clean lines and simple forms.  

What’s So Great About Dark and Moody Design, Anyway? 

Choosing a moody aesthetic for your interior design is a bold choice that has some major payoffs. Here are some of the things we love about this particular trend: 

  • Ambiance – Moody interiors are typically designed around the idea of creating a cozy, intimate, and sometimes mysterious atmosphere. This type of space, with its dramatic lighting and varied textures, can also elicit an emotional response. It’s not uncommon to feel a sense of tranquility, sensuality, or introspection in a dark and moody space. 
  • Timeless appeal – Interior design trends come and go, but moody aesthetics have an eternal feel. The classic combination of dark colors and rich textures helps this design trend stand the test of time.  
  • Versatility – Although often associated with a specific style, such as Gothic or Victorian, the beauty of the moody aesthetic is it can be adapted to fit a variety of design styles.  
  • Personal expression – The Moody design trend is perfect for those of us with a strong desire to express our unique personality and style through our living spaces. Dark flooring and/or walls make beautiful art or statement furniture pieces stand out 

Thinking Outside the (Design) Box 

Dark and moody flooring can add an extra edge to an otherwise traditional design scheme.

It’s important to note that the moody aesthetic isn’t cut and dry. In fact, blending the quirky, cozy elements of moody design with contemporary design trends like brutalism or industrialism can yield unique and captivating living spaces. The dramatic and emotional aspects of both brutalism and industrialism, which highlight raw materials, neutral color palettes, and exposed structural elements, are further enhanced when integrated with moody design concepts. 

Transform Your Home with Dark and Moody Flooring 

Whether you’re going for the moody Manhattan loft feel, an ornate Gothic European castle look, or the overstuffed, dark academia vibe of the Hogwarts library, your choice of floors can have a huge impact on the overall feel of your space. Empire Today® carries a huge selection of dark wood floors to fit your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetics. 

Dark and Dreamy Flooring for Bedrooms 

The warm, enveloping atmosphere created by a moody aesthetic can be an ideal choice for bedrooms. Designing that cozy, dreamy retreat begins with the perfect floors. Picture a dark, plush carpet you can sink your feet into at the end of a long day. Or maybe a rich chocolate laminate wood floor, whose dark tones will help lure you into a deep slumber.

Dark floors can make a bedroom a calmer, more restful space.

If you can’t imagine a dark and moody bedroom without equally dark and moody hardwood floors, consider the Empire®’s exclusive WhisperHOME engineered hardwood flooring. WhisperHOME flooring is the quietest wood flooring available, so you can get the classic look of hardwood without the classic sound of creaking floorboards. The unique installation technology also allows for better airflow under the planks, making it warmer underfoot so you can opt out of a rug if you choose. 

If Kitchens Had a Dark Side 

In case you haven’t heard already, all-white kitchens are on their way out. That being said, balance is key when it comes to designing a moody kitchen that isn’t too dark (we still need to see what we’re cooking, after all). Darker floors provide a strong, sophisticated contrast to light-colored cabinetry and countertops. Empire carries a wide variety of beautiful dark wood-look and stone-look flooring that’s durable, easy to clean, and in many cases fully waterproof. 

Adding a Touch of Nature  

If all this talk of dark flooring has you worried about designing a moody interior that’s a little too moody, we’ve got you covered. Adding some “earthy” elements to a room through your flooring, decor, or lighting choices can go a long way towards striking a balance between a warm and inviting atmosphere and an overall moody aesthetic.  

  • If your walls and decor are on the darker side, consider a warmer-colored wood or wood-look flooring, or opt for a lighter colored stone-look luxury vinyl tile.  
  • Make good use of natural light in your home by selecting darker colored floors for the room with the most light coming in through windows or doors, and vice versa. 
  • Bring nature indoors by incorporating natural accents, such as potted plants, wooden furniture, or stone countertops. 

Stepping into Elegance with Dark and Moody Floors 

When you schedule an in-home consultation with Empire, a flooring consultant will bring samples right to your home. This allows you to see how different colors and materials will look in the distinct lighting of your space. The consultant will do all the measuring, and help you choose a product that aligns with your aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. Your choice of flooring should be top of mind when it comes to turning your home into a dark and moody masterpiece, and we’re here to help you every step of the way! 

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