What is the Empire In-Home Shopping Experience?

Published: January 24, 2024

Whether you’re a long-time customer of Empire Today® or you just discovered us a few minutes ago during your quest for new flooring, it’s likely that you’ve heard mention of our in-home floor shopping experience. This service has long been a central facet of our business—it’s one of the main features that makes us uniquely us. But if you are new to Empire®, you may have a few questions about exactly what our in-home experience is and how it works. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Background on the Empire In-Home Experience

Empire’s main goal has always been to make it as easy as possible for you to get beautiful new floors. From the moment you first begin thinking about having new flooring installed to after the job is completed, we strive to streamline and remove stress from every step of the process. The foundation of this goal is our in-home shopping experience.

Most homeowners would agree that a major source of stress in any home improvement project is the first stage: shopping for the right products. Too often, that part includes trips to multiple home improvement stores, dealing with crowds of shoppers and employees who aren’t specialized in particular fields, and then hoping that the products you see on the store shelves will look how you imagine when they’re finally installed in your home.

Empire’s in-home shopping experience was created to solve all of those problems in one fell swoop, by consolidating the entire floor shopping process into a streamlined experience that occurs in your own home. That’s right, you can learn about every new flooring option, see and handle an entire catalog of product options, and get a no-obligation quote—all without ever even stepping outside.

Scheduling Your In-Home Appointment

As we mentioned, the primary goal of the in-home experience is to make getting your new floors as easy as possible—from the very first step to beyond the final one. To schedule your in-home estimate, just click on any of the Schedule In-Home Appointment buttons you’ll see across our site. After inputting your zip code, you’ll see the soonest available days and times for appointments in your area. Simply select one of the time windows, provide your contact info and a few details about what kind of flooring you’re interested in, and in a couple of clicks, your appointment will be set!

You can also schedule an appointment over the phone. Just call us at 800-588-2300, and a flooring representative will take care of the entire process for you.

The Day of the Appointment

On the day of your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation call from the flooring consultant who will be visiting you. During their appointment window, the consultant will arrive at your home with a wide range of flooring samples. They’ll first show you samples of the flooring type that best matches your needs based on the questions you answered during the scheduling process.

Of course, we like to be prepared for any contingency. Did you begin to consider hardwood after scheduling an appointment to learn mostly about carpet? Or maybe you’ve been unsure what types of flooring you’d need from the get-go. Your consultant will have hundreds of samples of all flooring types on hand, making it highly likely that at the end of the visit, you’ll have found your dream floors.

And this is where the in-home experience really shines—aside, of course, from all of the time and stress it saves you. By viewing an entire store’s worth of flooring samples in the comfort of your own home, you’ll have the unique opportunity to truly see how a particular product will look on your actual floors. You’ll get a true representation of how a certain shade of carpet might complement the wall color in your bedroom, if the hardwood floor on your wish list meshes well with the antique furniture in your living room, or how your home’s lighting reflects off of the ceramic tile you may be considering. Being able to actually experience these things instead of just imagining them in the store is an indispensable advantage in the floor shopping experience.

Once you’ve chosen your new flooring (or at least narrowed it down to a few top contenders) the consultant will take a thorough look at the areas of the home where you’ll be having it installed. During this process, they’ll check out things like what kind of flooring is currently installed and will need to be removed; what type of subflooring exists and whether it will be appropriate for your new floors; what style of floor trim is present and if it will work with the new flooring, and anything else that can affect the quality and look of your future floors.

They’ll also fully measure each room that will be getting new floors. With all of this information, the flooring consultant can then build a comprehensive price quote that includes every aspect of the entire job. That means no hidden fees and no surprise charges tacked on during the day of the installation. You’ll receive this quote on the spot during your in-home experience, with no obligation. And if you decide to move forward with Empire, you can schedule the new flooring installation right then and there. Best of all? In many cases, the installation can happen as soon as the very next day.

Is the Empire In-Home Experience Available to Me?

Though at our heart, we’re fundamentally the same local company that began serving the Chicagoland area more than 60 years ago, today Empire’s flooring installation services are available to a vast majority of residents in the US. We proudly serve more than 70 markets across 29 states. To find out if you’re in a local service area, head to the Empire Today locations page and look for your city and state. From there, you’re just a few clicks away from your beautiful new floors!

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