Why You Should Get New Floors Before The Holidays

Whether this year is your first time hosting a get-together or you’ve held the title of “Hostest with the Mostest” for many years, there is no better time than now to shop for new floors before the holidays.

new floors before the holidays

One of the keys to having a successful holiday party is to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests. Floors are often overlooked when updating the house for the holidays, but worn and outdated flooring can often distract your guests from enjoying each other’s company and the holiday feast itself.

With a huge selection of hand-picked, modern, and durable flooring styles to choose from and an in-home flooring appointment with an experienced sales representative, getting new floors in time for the holidays has never been easier.


Spills Happen. Stress Shouldn’t.

A likely scenario: it’s a commercial break during the annual Bears vs. Packers football game. Three of the young nieces and nephews decide it’s time for an impromptu wrestling match. The next thing you know, the nearby buffalo dip “mysteriously” ends up on your brand new carpet.

But to your guests’ surprise, you’re not upset at all. That’s because the carpet that you selected from Empire contains an R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System, making accidents a quick, painless cleanup. As spills continue to happen throughout the evening you have no reason to stress – it’s a simple clean up before you’re back attending to your guests. Empire offers carpet, tilehardwood, laminate, and even vinyl flooring,  in a wide selection of highly durable choices designed for high traffic areas and accident prone families.

Still not convinced? Our care guides want to have a word with you about how easy cleaning is. Don’t let the thought of messy guests scare you away from floor shopping!


See the Best Floors for Your Home, In Your Home

Chances are, it’s been a few years since you had your floor replaced. For many, this might be the first time changing floors since moving into your home. Don’t let uncertainty get in the way of treating yourself and your family to beautiful new floors before the holidays.

At Empire, we don’t recommend going to big box stores to help with your flooring decision. Choosing new floors for your home takes more than just picking out the right style. During Empire’s FREE In-Home Appointments, an experienced sales representative will discuss with you how your family uses certain rooms.  They will make recommendations based on the styles you like, your family’s lifestyle, and your budget.

Experienced sales representatives are not afraid to say “no” to products that require more maintenance or are not an ideal fit for certain areas of your home. Plus, the sales associate will provide free room measurements during your appointment so you know how much your new floors will cost (try getting that level of convenience with a big box store). Your vision of that stunning grey, wood-look laminate in the dining room is only a click away.


Timing is Everything: Holiday Installations are Easy with Empire

Shopping for new floors has never been easier. But what about timing? We know the holidays can be a sensitive spot on the calendar, especially for major home improvements like flooring and carpet.

Empire can have your new carpet, laminate, and even hardwood installed in time for the holidays the sooner you call.

Holiday deals always seem to have a catch. Not with Empire – making beautiful new floors easy is our driving mission. Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate today so your home is ready to be enjoyed by all your guests. Your guests will leave your party wondering how were able to update your home AND prepare an amazing feast at the same time. It will be our little secret (unless you spill the beans) how easy Empire made the process of getting new floors for the holidays.

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