Should You Have New Carpet Installed Before the Holidays? 

Thanksgiving is around the corner and while you’re excited to be reunited with your friends and family, that holiday fervor can often get overshadowed by the crippling anxiety that comes from wanting to make sure your home looks good. Decking the halls with décor and moving dusty storage boxes out of the guest bedroom are crucial prerequisites for a successful holiday gathering, but is that enough?  

new floors before the holidays

With the holiday season being such a common motivator for minor aesthetic tweaks, it also becomes a popular time to consider your home’s appearance on a deeper level. Before the winter gatherings start, is it time to repaint walls, rearrange furniture, or replace appliances? Maybe your carpet looks a little tired, and you’re wondering if it makes sense to get new floors installed right before the holidays.  

Of course, we fully support the idea of prepping for the holidays by having new carpet installed. But there’s more to it than just wanting to impress guests. New floors can make your life much easier—during the holidays and throughout the year—and this is also often one of the best times to score flooring promotions. Still think it’s a crazy idea? That’s why we’re here! Here are a few reasons why you may or may not want to get new floors before the big day. 

Spills are a Certainty. Stressing Over Them Shouldn’t Be. 

Accidents are a regular part of life and practically an inevitability during big celebrations. Usually, that means stubborn stains on your carpet, which in turn means your holiday cheer has been replaced with anxiety. But imagine a scenario in which you watch a nephew’s heaping helping of gravy-smothered mashed potatoes slide off his plate onto your plush new carpet and you don’t even flinch.  

With the right carpet, that fantasy can be a reality. Stain-resistant carpets from Empire Today®, especially those protected by the R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System, make cleaning up accidents quick and painless. Even if spills continue to happen throughout the evening, you’ll have little reason to stress. So, if your carpet already has stubborn stains that just won’t leave, and you’re worried about collecting new ones, it may be time for some new stain-resistant carpet.  

While appearance is a worthy concern, another important consideration is how your carpet can affect your home’s environment. Old carpet is often rife with dust, dander, and other allergens. Even though you may consistently vacuum, older carpets tend to trap more of these particles, which get released when the surface is agitated, leading to itchy eyes and runny noses. This can be especially painful for overnight guests who aren’t accustomed to the air inside your home. New carpet is a great way to get rid of your dirty old floors, and choosing a hypoallergenic carpet like HOME Fresh from Empire® means you can greatly reduce those issues going forward. If you’re expecting lots of guests this holiday season, that might be a good reason for some new carpet. 

And lastly, you can’t overlook comfort! The holidays are a time when you want your home to feel especially cozy. Threadbare carpet with compressed padding makes for a very uncomfortable surface to stand, walk, or play on. And flooring comfort is paramount to making guests feel at ease, especially during “shoes off inside” season. 

Carpet: Get It New or Get it Cleaned? 

So, what if you feel like some of these factors apply slightly, but your carpeting is just a few years old and you’re certain it has more life left? The holiday season is a great time to give your carpet a deep cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaners can be rented at your local hardware store or even many grocery stores. For a reasonable fee, you can steam-wash all of the carpets in your house, restoring much of the look and feel they had when first installed. Just be sure to not wait until the very last minute before your party—steamed carpet needs ample time to dry before it can be walked on! 

Ultimately, the question of whether or not you should replace your floors before the holidays is really about whether you should replace your floors, period. The holiday season simply offers a few extra motivations compared to the rest of the year. Increased time off of work means you won’t have to waste a vacation day to be home for the carpet installers. The end of one year and the dawn of the next is a always popular motivator for any major life upgrades. And, of course, the holidays are just a great time to unveil a new look you’re proud of to your friends and family. Think of it like getting a fancy new ‘do or an amazing outfit right before an important occasion—but for your home.  

Do You Really Have the Time for New Floors During the Holiday Season? 

The holidays can be chaotic and adding carpet replacement to your to-do list may seem daunting. However, that’s one more reason to trust Empire with the task. We make it easy to get quality flooring without the added stress of visiting flooring stores and by offering minimal wait time for installations. Schedule your in-home estimate today and you could have durable new flooring installed by Thanksgiving, so you can eat your turkey without worry. 

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