5 Flooring Options for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Updated: June 1st, 2023

When it comes to choosing floors for your home, kitchens and bathrooms deserve some extra thought and attention. Unlike places like the bedroom or the living room, which generally stay dry, both the kitchen and the bathroom are likely to be moist environments that are more likely to get exposed to drops of water. With the steam from cooking and showering, there is also the potential for the room to have higher levels of humidity. For this reason, the best flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms might be different from your top picks for the rest of the house. These are five fantastic flooring options to consider for kitchens and bathrooms:

flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms

1. Luxury Vinyl Tile

This premium vinyl tile product is designed to look as similar as possible to high-end materials like natural stone. However, luxury vinyl tiles are much more cost-effective, and they withstand moisture much better than most natural stone tiles. Plus, they won’t feel cold to your feet!

flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms


2. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Generally speaking, hardwood is one type of flooring that may not withstand the moisture of the bathroom or the kitchen. Water in large amounts can be a problem for wooden surfaces, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the warm, natural wooden look you love. Select styles of Empire Today’s vinyl plank flooring are 100% waterproof, meaning you don’t have to pull your hair whenever there’s a spill in your kitchen or bathroom. In addition to guarding against water, its wood look is so realistic that you might actually have a hard time telling it apart from planks of Brazilian Cherry or Acacia.

flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms


3. Ceramic Tile Floors

Made from clay pressed in a kiln at high temperatures, ceramic is calibrated to be the same thickness and size, which gives you a uniform look in the home. Ceramic tile also looks luxurious, and Empire Flooring offers ceramic tile that replicates the color variations and texture of natural stone tile.

flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms


4. Porcelain Tile Floors

Similar in many ways to ceramic tile, porcelain tile is also a very popular flooring option in the home. Porcelain is dense, durable and is moisture-resistant, which makes it perfect for wet and humid environments like the bathroom or the kitchen. Homeowners can select the style, texture and color variation of tile that they like best for their bathroom or kitchen.

flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms


5. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

If maintenance and cost are two big priorities, then sheet vinyl is a solid choice for both the bathroom and the kitchen floor in your home. Sheet vinyl is installed without gaps or creases where dust and debris can settle, which makes it easier to keep clean without a lot of effort. These large sheets of vinyl come in a variety of colors and styles to best fit your style, and they can even replicate the look and patterns of more expensive stone and wood.

With so many flooring options on the market, it can be difficult to select the best one. These five flooring options are some of the top choices to consider for your kitchen or bathroom. Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate to see what works best in your own kitchen or bathroom. We’ll come to you.

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