How to Achieve a Wood Look for Your Floors: Empire Today on Windy City Live

Published: May 17, 2017

Have you ever wondered the best way to achieve a wood look for your floors? Hardwoods and Engineered Hardwoods provide an authentic, timeless feel. But your options don’t stop there.

Windy City Live has always been an extremely gracious host to Empire Today. The following segment, courtesy of Windy City Live, features Val Warner and new Empire spokesman Ryan Salzwedel talking all about how to achieve a wood look.

The weather is getting nicer. You’re looking to change things up. Is it finally time for wood look floors in your home? Not only do wood looks offer stunning visuals as a backdrop to your home’s decor – they can also add value to your home. Let’s explore ways to achieve a wood look.


Solid Hardwood

wood look

The wood look is extremely popular. Why not spring for the real deal? Made from a single piece of wood, solid hardwood remains #1. It can last many years with proper care and build your home’s equity. Choose from a variety of stains, plank sizes, species, and finishes in our hardwood flooring product gallery.


Engineered Hardwood

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Think of Engineered Hardwood as a genuine wood floor with even more versatility than Solid Hardwood. It can be installed in rooms where Solid Hardwood cannot. Engineered hardwood also has multiple layers stacked on a high-density fiber core, which helps improve its overall durability. It’s even less likely to expand or shrink from humidity changes. See all engineered hardwood products here.



wood look

If you need to make every dollar count in your home renovation budget, but still want to achieve a wood look – you’ll love the latest laminate flooring options from Empire Today. Advanced high definition printing technology and a large roster of Laminate floors manufactured in the USA exclusively for Empire make it nearly indistinguishable from genuine hardwood. Laminate has really come a long way – it’s highly durable and a great value.


Luxury Vinyl Plank

wood look

You can use Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) anywhere in your home. Rooms with high humidity or moisture such as bathrooms or basements are not ideal for real wood, but vinyl plank makes an incredible substitute. High durability, excellent stain and moisture resistance, and realistic wood looks make LVP an easy choice. See luxury vinyl flooring from Empire for yourself.


Wood-Look Tile

wood look

Not a lot of people associate wood looks with tile, but that is about to change. Thanks to advancements in manufacturer technology, wood-look tile is more popular than ever. Popular gray tones, realistic stains and textures, and the durability of real Tile allow you to achieve a wood look anywhere in your home. Tile isn’t just for bathrooms anymore. Living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways can benefit from the elegance of wood look tile.

Shop for wood look floors at home. We’ll bring you an amazing selection and answer any remaining questions you have. Best of all, your rooms are measured for free. Ready to get started?

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